Cost of Service - Free Account Setup

There is no cost to create an account or product with our service. For selling, we have two account plans to choose from. One with No Monthly Fee and another with lower per transaction costs. We earn our revenue because we make your account successful.

$0.00 per month

20% per transaction taken at the time of purchase

$14.95 per month

4.9%+$0.49 per transaction billed monthly

4.9% + $0.05 per transaction for orders, less than
two dollars

Increase sales with our service

Our sellers see an average of 1,000% increase in sales. This increase is due to the combined efforts of the seller and our platform which provides marketing services as well as a stable, reliable delivery system that customers enjoy using. We work to promote your products to potential customers across the Internet and give you the tools to aid in the promotion efforts. This results in more revenue for you.

Sell Anywhere Online

Our system works everywhere- your site, Facebook, twitter, our store, blogs, etc.. We provide you with simple purchase links and copy and paste HTML code to insert purchase buttons or shopping cart enabled buttons that work on all devices and platforms. Feel free to setup multiple storefronts if you like, the more placements you have, the larger audience of customers you can sell to.

Secure file storage and automated delivery

File security is a high priority for us and our sellers. We strive to ensure that all files are accessed only by verified customers. Files are stored on the ultra-secure Amazon S3 platform- the same one that powers the largest eCommerce site in the world. File downloads are tracked carefully using a complex algorithm which tracks IP addresses, download counts, download attempts, time stamping, user location, and more. Feel safe hosting your files with us.

Supports eBay auctions

Digital Good Auctions are a great way to market and sell your downloads. eBay has a huge market presence which allows you to take advantage of purchase-minded customers. The auction sales rules have been changed a bit, so be sure to read about selling downloads at eBay auctions in our help section.

Several payment systems

Customer choice is what drives sales conversions. They need to be able to pay in a variety of methods. Credit cards, eChecks, ACH transfers, and existing account balances are some of the ways your customers can pay for your products. These options are provided by several payment platforms that are tightly integrated into our system. Choose from: PayPal, Amazon Payments, TrialPay, and 2Checkout.

Bulk product import

Do you have a lot of digital products to sell? If so, you can easily upload them in a single step using our bulk import system. The bulk import system uses a simple Excel spreadsheet template which you can use to enter your digital good information and upload into your account. Simply upload the files after importing your products and they are ready to be sold. Nothing could be easier!

Many countries and currencies supported

With support for over 190 countries and over 20 currencies, our service is truly international. Many of our sellers and their customers come from all over the world. By using our service, you can open up your sales channels to customers you never thought possible.

Turn key affiliate system

Every PayLoadz account comes with a turn-key affiliate marketing system which handles affiliate management, affiliate product promotion, and affiliate payouts. Affiliate marketing should account for 25% of your sales and we provide the tools to ensure you reach that level. We have a virtual sales army of 100,000 affiliates ready to promote your products and drive sales for you.

Product serial and registration key delivery

Advanced sellers who want to add another level of file and product protection can use our system to deliver product keys, registration numbers, or activation codes. Our flexible system can accommodate any format you choose from a simple access password, to customer-unique, dynamically generated keys.

Powerful shopping cart

Our shopping cart is designed for ease of use and to increase your sales. It uses simple links or basic HTML to add products and includes upselling features to increase sales of your other items. The checkout and download process are tightly integrated into one seamless flow. the customer goes from your sales pages, through our cart, directly to your product download after purchase.

Customer support options

We are here to help you become a successful seller. With that in mind, we provide several support options. We have complete help knowledge base on all aspects of using the service. We also provide quick mail support with most requests getting a reply within just a few hours. We also provide a toll-free phone support line for you to call with any questions or concerns. We have made customer support the highest priority and it is paying off for us and our users.

Product Type Options

The kind of products you can sell is limited only by your imagination: eBooks, files, documents, plans and documents, craft templates, software, and anything else that can be downloaded can be sold on our site. We cater to any file type for any buyer and we do so in a seamless, perfectly delivered flow. Whatever you want to sell, you can do it here.

All accounts also include:

  • No product limits. Sell an unlimited number of products. From one item or thousands.
  • Send free downloads. Send one or more products to a single or multiple recipients easily.
  • Export product and sales history. Take your information with you- it's yours.
  • Discount system. Apply discounts to your items or give out loyalty codes to boost sales.
  • Multi file products. A product can have one or more files. It's easy to attach as many files as you like to a product.
  • Easy file upload. Upload your files using our powerful website interface, or use the FTP option if you like.
  • Sample and preview files. Attach product samples or previews to let your customers try before buying.