About Us

PayLoadz is a leading online marketplace for digital downloadable goods.
We enable tens of thousands of customers to sell digital goods such as videos, video games, ebooks, software and templates to a large audience of buyers from our online store. We play a leadership role in this exciting market and continually strive to provide a dynamic and seamless selling experience for
our users.

The explosive growth in online commerce has moved into the realm of digital goods and assets. Demand is increasing for digital goods such as videos, ebooks, music, video games, software, design templates, etc. Since our inception, in 2004, our goal has been to create a dynamic online marketplace and platform in which users sell their digital goods to interested buyers in a seamless efficient way.
We’ve made substantial progress in the past four years and today we are one of the leading “go to” sites for downloadable digital goods. Simplicity, Simplicity, Simplicity is our motto. Our site is easy to use (for both buyers and sellers) and offers a straight forward pricing model.

What do people sell on PayLoadz?
Our 220,000+ registered users sell all manner of downloadable digital goods including: Music, Video, Video Games, ebooks, Audio Books, Design Templates & Files. Over 935,000 individual products are registered for sale on PayLoadz!

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