Buying Overview

This page displays your recent purchase history.

Like most consumers out there, you've probably noticed yourself buying more and more items online through various websites. Sometimes, the security and reliability of these websites are questionable. At PayLoadz, you don't have that problem. Our secure site allows you to purchase digital goods confidently and quickly.

We know that you want an easy, quick, and safe way to buy virtual goods online and that's exactly what we've done! We're your one-stop shop for any virtual goods including but not limited to e-books, software, movies, art, music, and widgets. Check out PayLoadz Store to see a complete listing of what our sellers are offering today.

As a consumer, tracking and monitoring your online purchases is important to your peace of mind and budgeting efforts. That's why we've made it all possible right here. Not only does the PayLoadz system email you when a purchase is made for your confirmation, it also logs the transaction right here in our Buying Overview section.

Our Buying Overview will do all the tracking for you! By simply logging into your PayLoadz account and visiting this section, you can easily review all of your recent purchase history. The information is organized chronologically so that you can view all purchases in the order you made them.

In addition to seeing what you've bought through the PayLoadz platform and when you made the purchase, we'll also show you the seller, the price you paid, the transaction status, and the transaction ID number. You can always click on the transaction ID number for more information about that particular purchase!

Customers shouldn't have to worry and wonder about their purchase history, which is why our Buying Overview is so helpful and reassuring. You'll know exactly what you've spent and when in just a few clicks of the mouse. You'll also know just what's going on with any purchase you've just made.

Join PayLoadz today and start buying cool virtual goods.