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How much does PayLoadz cost? What is the fee structure for the PayLoadz services? Billing
What is the Affiliate Builder? Affiliate Builder
Before You Begin Selling Getting Started
Google AdWords Conversion Google
Software Registration System Getting Started
Using Google Checkout to Sell Downloads Google Checkout
Exceeding the Transaction Limit Getting Started
Do my customers need a PayLoadz account? Getting Started
How long does it take for a customer to receive their download? General Questions
How many times can a customer download my product? Getting Started
How do I give a free item or download? General Questions
I don't have a web site can I still use your service to sell my digital good? General Questions
If a customer orders several downloadable products do they receive several emails with one link in each or one email with several links? General Questions
How much bandwidth are we allowed to use? General Questions
I sell some tangible or shippable goods as well as downloads. If a customer orders a mix of downloadable and tangible goods will this work? General Questions
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