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Title: How to use the PayLoadz CD Delivery system
Date Created: 12/18/2006
Category: CD Fulfillment

PayLoadz can now deliver tangible, shipped CDs to customers for sellers using our service. We are rolling out the system in a limited trial basis to start. Currently, only single item purchases are able to be delivered via CD.

To use the CD system, you will need to have either a PayLoadz Percentage of Sales Pricing Account, or will have to sign-up for the new "Enhanced Services" account upgrade to your existing account. Since the customer is still paying you directly, we needed a means to charge your account each night for CD sales that occurred that day. In order to charge your PayPal account, you need to have one of the two requirements listed above. The charge for each CD is $5.50 paid to us. Sellers can choose to charge their customers more for a CD if they like.

To begin using the system, do the following:

1.) Check your account at:
If you see PayLoadz Merchant Account, then your account is enabled to sell CDs.
If you do not have a PayLoadz Merchant Account, then you can enable CD delivery by turning on "Enhanced Services"

2.) Modify the Single Item Purchase GoLink for your Product
You can either create a new product, or use an existing product. If you want to charge your customers more for a CD, then you will want to create a new product just for the CD. Note: We will automatically add another $5.50 on top of your product price when the link is clicked for our fee. To enable the CD purchase, add the following to the GoLink code, "&type=cd", so your GoLink will look like:

3.) Upload and test the link. Do not make a live purchase. We will try to fulfill every CD order. At this time, we can't provide refunds for CD payments. This may change in the future, but for now, we don't have the mechanisms in place to track the information needed to enable this functionality.

Once this version has been put through its paces, we will add the ability to offer both a CD and download in a single order and add the ability to add a CD in the shopping cart. Contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
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