4 Ways Through Which You Can Implement PayPal Instant Downloads

A detailed article about ways through which you can implement paypal instant downloads.

4 Ways Through Which You Can Implement PayPal Instant Downloads

While different entrepreneurs tend to prefer different aspects of different digital products delivery systems, one facet that remains constant in all these considerations is that the delivery of the digital product has to be instant.  If the delivery of the digital product purchased by the consumer does not happen instantly after the PayPal payment is made, then it is very likely that he would cancel the order or, even worse, move on to another digital product provider. To this end, it comes as no surprise that there are primarily four different types of digital product delivery systems and that all of them focus on instant PayPal digital delivery.

Below are the ways to Implement PayPal Instant Downloads

A Simple ‘Thank You’ Page For Instant PayPal download

This is, debatably, the oldest method for implementing PayPal instant download.  In this method, you would just have to setup a ‘thank you’ page, following the payment wherein the download of the digital product would either begin by itself or the buyer would be invited to click on a ‘download’ button to download his purchased product.Despite being a simple, easy and efficient method through which an online entrepreneur can ensure instant PayPal download, the catch with this method is that the link of the ‘thank you’ page can be easily shared with a person who has not made the purchase.

The Auto Responder Method for Instant PayPal Digital Delivery

Auto responders are primarily used on the internet for sending newsletters and subscription confirmations.  However, they can also be used for instant PayPal download.  The process will be the same i.e. a special email account is created which sends an email to the buyer, once he has completed his purchase and made the payment.  The email sent by the auto responder email account for the PayPal instant download would contain instructions for the buyer on how he can download the digital product that he has purchased.

The Unique Password with Special Web Page Method

The third method is to use a special web page plus password service which is easily available on the internet.  Herein, your digital product’s delivery system would be handled by a third party.  This third party would not only generate special web pages for each digital product purchase but would also create an instant PayPal download password for each one.

The Instant PayPal download Marketplace

The final and easily the most efficient and financially viable method for ensuring instant PayPal download is to use a PayPal instant download marketplace.  The reason why a marketplace of this type such as PayLoadz is so perfect is that they have the ability to provide all of these services and can create a mix that is specifically suitable for your particular digital product.