5 Advantages of Handling Publishing Services On Your Own

A detailed article about The Advantages of Handling Publishing Services On Your Own.

5 Advantages of Handling Publishing Services On Your Own

As a writer, you probably already know the importance of finding a good publishing company or sufficient publishing services through the self-publishing route.  Self-publishing is a great way to sell just a few copies of your work, but don’t expect your stuff to hit the national bestseller list this way.

However, you can expect a certain level of success handling your own publishing services as long as you know what you’re doing.  Here are five things to keep in mind when you want to handle your own publishing and avoid signing up with a publishing company.  Just remember, there will always be advantages and disadvantages to working with publishing companies as well as handling your own publishing services.

Below are the Advantages of Handling Publishing Services On Your Own

1 – Publishing Service That Lets You Keep All Rights

If you choose to self-publish, chances are you will keep all rights to your work.  When you hire publishing companies, this isn’t always the case.  A publishing company will usually purchase the rights to your book and will govern where your work is sold, the price at which it is sold, and what royalties you get. 

2 – Publishing Companies Govern the Design

When you hire a publishing company, they are buying the rights to your work and will design the cover art, layout, and other artistic aspects of the book.  If you decide to self-publish instead of purchasing publishing services, you are in charge.  You won’t have to worry about people at the publishing company making changes you don’t like.

3 – Self-Publishing Allows You to Avoid Long-Term Contracts

Don’t want a long-term contract with a big publishing company?  Then self-publish!  Many publishing companies require authors to enter into long-term contracts that prevent them from hiring other publishing companies or publishing services.  Self-publishing allows you to enjoy your freedom!

4 – Make More Money Handling Your Own Publishing Services 

Who doesn’t want to make money selling their books online?  Depending on the publishing company you choose, you could stand to make money or lose some.  When you decide to self-publish, you typically will increase your chances of turning a profit because you will be paid more frequently.  Publishing companies will pay out royalties, but not always frequently – and not always at the rate you want!

5 – Handle Your Own Publishing Services and Have Faster Second Editions 

With a publishing company handling your publishing services, you may find yourself waiting a lot longer to release second editions.  Self-publishing allows you more control, so you can do this a lot faster than with most publishing companies.


Now that you know some of the top advantages to handling publishing services on your own, perhaps you are ready to check into the many alternatives to publishing companies out there.