A Guide to Help You Sell Podcasts

A detailed article about A Guide to Help You Sell Podcasts.

A Guide to Help You Sell Podcasts

Selling podcasts can be confusing at first, unless of course you use this guide

It is expected by media experts that podcasts or something very similar to them will change the whole way the media is perceived in the world.  There are many reasons for this, ranging from the fact that people can create and sell podcasts for virtually no investment to the fact that podcasts, as opposed to conventional news and videos, can be varied in terms of subject.  However, it is not very easy to make and sell podcasts because of the kind of competition that a podcaster has to face for his subscribers.  The only way a podcaster can create and sell podcast products successfully is by following a foolproof plan or guide.

Below is one such step by step guide

Step I: Getting the Right Software

While many people who sell podcasts make theirs through the inbuilt mikes, cameras and software of their laptops or desktops, the quality of podcasts created this way often tends to be on the low side.  For example, an inbuilt laptop mike would, invariably, pick up noise from the workings of the machine over and above the sound that it is supposed to catch.

If you sell podcasts of low quality, then the chances of you making another sale to the same person would be very low.  Therefore, you need to ensure that you have the right hardware and the right software if you want your podcasts to be of a high quality.  While getting the hardware is something you will have to visit the local markets for, the software part is fairly simple because there is various podcast related software available online for free.  These include recording, video editing, sound editing and uploading software or plug-ins.

Step II: Creating the Podcast

Before you can learn how to sell podcasts, you need to know how to create the podcasts.  Your podcast needs to be created with the perspective of your potential subscribers.  This means that you would need to do a considerable amount of research into what kind of podcasts get the most response from the people.  However, creating a podcast on a subject that you do not know would not make it easy for you to sell podcasts.  Hence, your objective is to seek out subjects that are known to be successful with regard to podcasts and balance the same with subjects that you are comfortable with.

Once you have chosen a topic, your next task would be to do some research into the structure of your podcast. This should not be anything more than 7 minutes because people tend to get bored beyond that time.  Needless to say, you would have a lot of trouble if you try to sell podcasts that bore people.  The first part of the podcast has to be an introduction by you which would consist of who you are, what your title or topic is and how you are going to go about describing it.

You also need to have a script for your podcast because a podcast that does not follow a script turns out to be disorganized and uninteresting.  You would find it difficult to sell podcasts that are disorganized.  Finally, you should look to end the podcast by reminding the audience about yourself, the subject matter and your website where you sell podcasts of other types.

Step II: Editing the Raw Footage

Editing often scares people who are trying to create and sell podcasts for the first time in their life.  The reason for this is that editing is perceived by people as an extremely complex and hard to crack process when, on the contrary, it is a relatively simple process.  Editing video or audio is not unlike copy pasting different bits to create a complete stream that seems seamless, creative and entertaining all at the same time.

The less prominent the cuts between scenes and the better the flow of your podcast, the more fame you will gain and the more success you will find when you sell podcasts.  Even so, sometimes it is advisable for you to just make different parts of the podcasts separately because this allows for greater cohesion and more perfection.  In fact, while too many cuts or too few cuts would cause problems, an average amount of cuts would make the podcast flow well which would, in turn, allow you to sell podcasts more successfully.

Sell Podcasts through Your Own Blog or Website

After you have gone through the processes of creating and editing and are ready to sell podcasts, you would have to answer the question of where to sell podcasts.  The obvious answer is to sell it through your own blog or website.  In fact, you can reap a lot of benefits if you sell podcasts through your own blog or website.  The most obvious is that you get the freedom to create, market and sell podcasts as per your wishes.  However, you should also know that if you decide to sell podcasts through your own website, you would have to take on more responsibilities as well.

This usually means two things.  The first is that you would have to work very hard to get subscribers onto your website and would have to put in place established SEO and online marketing techniques.  In addition to this, if you want to sell podcasts through your own website, then you would have to also make sure that your website or blog is equipped to handle podcasts.  This means installing additional scripts, software or plug-ins into the backend system of your website or blog.

Sell Podcasts through Third Party Websites

You should also consider third party websites like PayLoadz for selling your podcasts because these websites come with their own established and very much pre targeted customer base.  This takes away the need to market your podcasts to attract customers to you website.  However, it is always recommended that you market your websites if you want to sell podcasts and compete with the best podcasters on the internet.  PayLoadz has a digital product marketplace that receives a huge number of customers on a regular basis.  As podcasts are considered digital products, there are many customers that come to such third party websites for subscribing or buying podcasts.

Combining Multiple Platforms to Sell Podcasts for Best Results

While both the platforms mentioned above i.e. your own website and third party websites have their own merits when it comes to people who want to sell podcasts, the best practice is to use both simultaneously.  If you sell podcasts through both the platforms then you would not only get the benefit of existing customer bases of third party websites but also the benefit of directing your customers to your own website.