Answering the Question of Where to sell your eBook

A detailed article about Answering the Question of Where to sell your eBook.

Answering the Question of Where to sell your eBook

Every author battles with the question of where to sell eBooks

If there is one thing that the internet has made easy then it is gathering knowledge.  While in the earlier days people would have to visit the local book store or the local library to learn about something new, the modern day knowledge seeker can simply log onto a website on his computer and download whatever eBooks he may want.  In fact, the market for eBooks has moved in leaps and bounds from the time when the internet was established.  Now, there are numerous eBooks available online on a wide variety of subjects for people to learn new things.  Moreover, the internet has also made life easier for knowledge providers who have now taken on the role of eBook sellers.

The New eBook Sellers and the Problems They Face

Despite the wonderful advantages of eBooks and the simplicity of the process of publishing the same, many new eBooks sellers face some difficulty when it comes to selling their eBooks.  The question, ‘where can I sell my eBook’ is something that is, surprisingly, quite common.  One potential reason for this could be that eBook sellers are required, to a certain extent, to be a little technologically savvy.  If you are an individual who is looking to sell eBooks then perhaps the following part of the article would help you decide where to sell your eBook.

The Simplest Way Is To Create a Website

If you have been asking yourself where to sell eBooks then you should know that the easiest way to sell eBooks is through your very own website.  The reason for this is that your own website would give you the kind of freedom that you, like most writers and authors, must be craving for.  The websites of most eBook sellers tend to be equipped with a shopping cart which makes it easy for people to buy eBooks, an automated digital product delivery system which ensures instant delivery of the eBooks, and a payment system that is compatible with multiple currencies and payment platforms.

Third Party Digital Product Marketplaces Mean More Exposure

The other option that most eBook sellers like to focus on is that of third party digital product marketplaces such as the one provided by PayLoadz.  The biggest advantage of using third party digital product marketplaces is that they give you instant access to a large audience base.  Operationally, eBook sellers use third party digital product marketplaces to make the first sale and, once they have regular customers, they can have them visit their websites to make any future purchases.  It is also worth mentioning that sites like PayLoadz also provide scripts and software for websites to sell their products directly.