Benefits of Starting a Reselling eBooks Business

A detailed article about Benefits of Starting a Reselling eBooks Business.

Benefits of Starting a Reselling eBooks Business

Selling eBooks and reselling eBooks can be very beneficial, if done right

Many uninformed people would be quick to say that reselling eBooks is neither ethical nor that profitable.  However, these people have not analyzed the business plan in detail.  Reselling eBooks is no different from the conventional practice of a publishing company taking on the work of an author, selling it and reselling it for him or her and, in the process, taking a cut from it.  Using the same example, it also becomes clear that selling and reselling eBooks is indeed profitable, because this kind of a business plan has existed throughout the world for years. However, these are not the only reasons why you should start an eBook resell service. There are many other practical reasons.

A Completely Flexible Business System That Can Be Tweaked and Modified As Per Your Specific Needs

If there is one thing that you get from an eBook resell service, it is the fact that you would have complete freedom when it comes to balancing your career and your personal life.  In fact, as your reselling eBooks business would not be answerable to anyone but you, you can give it any direction you want.  Some examples of things you can do by being a reseller of eBooks include operating your business at any hour in any day and have the freedom to just stop working on it on any day you want to take a break because it would be completely self reliant and automated.

While all these things are important, the most important is that you would have no senior standing on your head to tell you to work or bring him coffee.  Therefore, in a nutshell, your eBook resell service would give you the freedom to be your own master and still make a significant amount of money.

In Order To Resell eBooks, You Do Not Need Capital Investment

When you decide to set up a reselling eBooks business, you would realize that it requires next to no investment to set up.  The reason for this is, as explained above, that your reselling eBooks business can be setup and run entirely from home, which means that whatever money you will need to invest would be in the setting up of a good enough website and any marketing that you choose to do for it.  Moreover, you can save on the costs of online marketing for your business by handling the whole marketing process yourself and outsourcing small tidbits to small time players available online.

There Would Be No Hassle of Storing Books and Delivering Them to People

In addition to the fact that you would save a lot of money in the whole process of setting up your business for reselling eBooks, you would also save money in operations because you would not need to store any solid material anywhere.  In fact, you can just have a special file management or storage module within the backend system of your website.  Similarly, as eBooks are digital products and can be delivered over the internet, you would not even need to foot the costs of distribution or delivery.  Resultantly, the overhead costs of running a business of reselling eBooks, like the costs of setting up the business, are next to none.

The Two Types Of Business Plans for Establishing a Business of Reselling eBooks

There are two types of legitimate business plans that you can use for starting your own business of reselling eBooks.  The first is where you will invite authors and writers to give you the rights to sell their eBooks because you would be promoting it for them.  Herein, when you get the rights to resell eBooks, you would not be giving any cut to the author whose gain from the whole agreement is that his eBooks get promoted and he gains a name in the industry.  The problem with this business plan is that it would only attract upcoming and budding writers and not established authors.  The result could be that your business of reselling eBooks would become saddled with subpar and low quality eBooks.

The other business plan that you can follow is to invite authors and writers to let you publish their eBooks in return for a cut on every sale that you make with their eBooks.  This system is not unlike the old school publishing house agreement where the publishing house decides to give royalties on every sale to the author.  While this system is ethically sound, it also makes perfect business sense because you would attract genuine and established authors and writers through it.  Needless to say, the better the eBooks that you are offering, the more likely it would be that your business of reselling eBooks makes sales.

Establishing a Digital Storefront for Reselling eBooks

A business aiming to resell eBooks would have to have a digital storefront from where people can purchase what is on offer.  This means that you would not only have to set up a website but also turn it into a proper digital storefront with the use of some ecommerce software or scripts that are easily available online.  You can find free and paid scripts and software for this purpose.

The free scripts would most likely be outdated or designed for all types of products while the paid scripts would be a part of a greater service and would be more conducive for reselling eBooks because they would be customized for it. 

Reselling eBooks through Third Party Websites

You should also look to utilize the benefits of reselling eBooks on third party websites such as eBay, Amazon and PayLoadz.  While eBay is an auction website and Amazon a digital storefront, PayLoadz is a digital products marketplace which provides services that can cater to your every need in a single swoop.

For example, a typical package offered by PayLoadz would take care of your needs of setting up a proper online storefront, doing internet marketing for your business, having an affiliate network for your business and accessing large audiences for sales.  The online storefront for your business will be setup by customizable scripts from the provider, the affiliate network and internet marketing through the provider’s internal system and access to a large audience base through its digital product marketplace.

An Industry with a Bright Future

The industry of reselling eBooks has a very bright future because people are gradually starting to prefer online shopping over conventional shopping.  On a specific note, people are also becoming more inclined towards eBooks over conventional books simply because they are cheaper and more portable than their traditional counterparts.