Choosing the Right Method to Sell Songs Online

A detailed article about Choosing the Right Method to Sell Songs Online.

Choosing the Right Method to Sell Songs Online

Certain qualities that must be there in your setup to sell songs online

People who sell songs online swear by the fact that it is an extremely convenient and lucrative method of making money.  However, if you try to delve a little deeper into their claims, you will see that they are able to say these things because they have established a system that allows them to sell songs without much fuss.  In fact, the real reason why they make money by selling songs and make a lot of it is that they have a good system in place.

Setting Up a System to Sell Your Songs

Setting up a system to sell your songs mainly means establishing a properly designed website with a good domain name and installing certain scripts, software or plug-ins to make it friendly enough for you to sell your songs through it.  These scripts, software or plug-ins would primarily be put up so that when you sell your songs you can give your buyers a good time through an automated shopping cart, instant song delivery system and complete compatibility to established payment systems like PayPal.

The Backend System Should Be Compatible With Other Modes of Selling

The first thing you should focus on, when choosing the script or software that you install on your website, is how flexible and adaptable it is.  Ideally, people who sell songs do it through multiple platforms such as their own website, digital product marketplaces, auction websites and even music collating websites.  The reason why you should also follow this system to sell your songs is simply that it would allow you access to a larger audience than if you were just on a single platform.

In fact, certain digital product marketplaces already have an established customer base that you gain access to the moment you sign up with them.  While initially you would have to sell songs to this customer base through the established digital marketplace, the whole process can be shifted to your own website the moment you get regular followers and fans.  Hence, your script or software should allow you to operate on multiple platforms.

Securing Your Music Files against Theft and Misuse

Everyone knows about the risks of running a business on the internet.  They are nothing but the fact that your digital products, in this case they would be your music files, are always susceptible to being hijacked by negative elements on the internet.  In simple terms, this means that your music gets stolen from where you store it and then gets circulated by someone else.  This is fairly easy if the person doing the stealing is well versed in the ins and outs of the internet and knows about hacking.  Another risk that you would face if you sell your songs online is that you lose your music files due to some kind of a system crash.  Both these situations would lead to your efforts to sell your music going to naught.

However, you can sell your songs in peace if you have installed a setup on your website that allows you to save your music on an external server.  As is obvious, such a system would allow you to keep your music protected because no one would be able to break in and take it nor would a system crash lead to you losing it.

Protecting Your Music Files from Piracy

Misappropriation of your music is also something that you should worry about, if you have decided to sell your songs online.  It is very common for one person to download the song and share the hyperlink with someone else or even to download the song and actually share the song.  The only way to counter this and still sell your songs online is to use an efficient digital product delivery system that not only sets up individual and temporary download web pages but also puts registration keys, passwords or copy protection measures on the files to keep them from being distributed without the explicit approval of the music seller i.e. you.

A Good Internal File Management System

When you sell your songs, you would have to add or remove songs from your list of offerings on a consistent basis. You should look to equip your website with an internal file management system that makes your life easier.  This internal file management system should, ideally, allow you to do things like arrange and rearrange your songs, import large numbers of songs together and even organize them into packages that can be sold for higher prices.  A good internal file management system can really make a difference as you try to sell your songs online more and more.

Marketing and Customer Relationship Modules

As is the case with any kind of business, if you want to sell your songs online you would have to market them first and maintain customer relationships afterwards.  Effectively, your website would need marketing and customer relationship modules if it is going to help you sell songs successfully.

The marketing aspect means that your website needs to be optimized for search engines with good content, quality special offers and similar marketing techniques.  You can either take care of the marketing aspects yourself to sell songs or hire external agencies.  The customer relationship modules mean that you take care of your customers and also stay in regular touch with them, after you sell songs to them.  This means that you need to have modules for catching abandoned sales, sending emails to your customers and even answering queries.

Ability to Cope With Various Different Payment Mechanisms

One thing that many people who sell songs online are not aware of is the fact that there is life beyond PayPal.  This does not mean that PayPal is bad to sell songs through but only that there are also people on the internet who do not use PayPal as their preferred payment system.  If you sell your songs online but only through PayPal, then you would be losing out on these types of customers.  Other payment mechanisms you should be using to sell your songs online include 2Checkout, Trial Pay, Amazon Payments and Google Checkout.

One Stop Solution on the Internet for Everything Listed Above

If the above is overwhelming you and making you wonder ‘if I have the ability to sell my songs online or to just sell my songs’, then you do not have to worry because you can have all the qualities in your system by simply picking out the right scripts or software from the internet.  Websites like PayLoadz offer such scripts along with a full range of services for people who do not want the headache and just want to sell songs.