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Got Digital Products

Have you been wondering how to sell with Google Checkout as a payment option on your website? The demand for digital products, as you probably already know, has increased hugely in the past couple of years, so offering as many payment options for the items you are selling, like Google Checkout, is essential. But, when you sell with Google or any other payment method, you need to be aware of the security issues involved.

Sellers, Google Checkout Boosts Security

Google Checkout is a good solution for anyone concerned about potential security issues on the Internet. The checkout process allows sellers with Google Checkout to combine the shopping cart with secure payments – all through the use of a single user name and password. The checkout process is quick and easy – and best of all secure.

Sellers, Google Checkout Combines Marketing with Each Sale

Though selling with Google Checkout is an added security benefit, it also has another benefit for your website. Sellers using Google Checkout can easily integrate their Google AdWords campaigns into their selling efforts. This means that they get more powerful ads. As a digital goods retailer, we probably don’t need to tell you that the more powerful the ad, the more likely the sale!

Sellers, Google Checkout Allows for Delivery Options

When you’re selling with Google Checkout as a payment option, there are several delivery options for your digital goods. Here are your options for anything you sell with Google as a payment option:

  • Digital Schedule – You can choose between either pessimistic optimistic delivery if you decide when the download and delivery instructions will be sent to the buyer. Pessimistic delivery is the default option for selling with Google Checkout since it prevents any download instructions from being sent to the buyer until their credit card has been authorized. Optimistic delivery allows for buyers to get the download instructions even if the authorization does not occur.
  • Email Delivery – When you sell with Google Checkout, you can still choose email delivery as your preference. However, this method should only be used if you are also using an HTML API or an XML shopping cart.
  • Description Based Delivery – This option allows sellers using Google Checkout to provide information for download during the checkout request.
  • Download Delivery Key – This is very common and allows you to sell with Google Checkout and then provide a URL where the buyer can download the product.

If you don’t want to go to the trouble of implementing Google Checkout, you can always join an online marketplace and payment gateway like PayLoadz. The PayLoadz marketplace allows digital retailers to list products, connect with affiliates, and accept a variety of payment options. It is free, easy, and secure, so what’s stopping you?