Great Podcast Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

A detailed article about Great Podcast Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know.

Great Podcast Marketing Tips Everyone Should Know

So, you’ve produced a podcast, but what now?  A podcast can help boost your business and connect you with many viewers, but not without successful and effective podcast marketing. As a podcast producer, one of the most important things you can learn is how to market a podcast.

Remember, it goes well beyond the value of your presentation.  The importance of social networking, viral marketing, and podcast directories are all essential elements of any effective podcast marketing plan.  Remember, marketing podcasts is all about reaching a wide web audience across several demographics.

Below are some really great podcast marketing tips everyone should know:

  • One of the key elements of marketing podcasts is to optimize your website or blog for the search engines.  Ensure that your site’s name and, hopefully, the name of your podcast are in the title tags and URL.  Marketing the podcast will also entail listing your site with as many search engine directories as possible.
  • Another crucial aspect of successful podcast marketing is to keep your content as close as possible.  Offer direct links to your content and podcast as frequently as possible.  It is also a good podcast marketing step to avoid third-party feed hosts.
  • Marketing podcasts comes with a lot of work, so create as many access points to your content as possible.  That means podcast marketing involves belonging to social networks, link exchanges, and special web coding for in-page podcast players.
  • Podcast marketing will involve creating calls to action in your text – press releases, blog posts, and descriptions – as well as the audio you create.  All of your content feeds and players should be above the fold of your website and offer a variety of download options.  Oh, and don’t forget – marketing podcasts also means you tell your viewers where they can find your podcasts, products, and other content online!
  • Making your podcasts easy to share is also a good idea.  The best form of podcast marketing is viral marketing.  Let your viewers share your podcast link or location with others that might also be interested.  If you charge for podcasts, allow your current subscribers a free podcast for every friend they refer to you.  Marketing podcasts is very effective through word-of-mouth.

Although these aren’t all the podcast marketing tips and tricks you could learn today, they are a good start.  The world of marketing a podcast is changing every day.  It is essential that you keep up with all the changes in order to keep your viewers interested in what you have to offer!