How Can You Sell Mp3s Online?

A detailed article about How Can You Sell Mp3s Online.

How Can You Sell Mp3s Online?

The best ways to sell mp3s online

There are certain people that are born to be musicians.  These are people who are born with the latent talent of being able to create great music, regardless of whether the music in question is classical, rock and roll, and contemporary pop or, for that matter, just instrumental beats that can be used for a wide variety of purposes.  The unfortunate aspect, however, is the fact that only a certain percentage of these people with a lot of music potential actually end up being able to sell mp3s in the music industry.  The reason for this is simply the conventional wisdom that most people seem to believe in.  This conventional wisdom suggests that becoming successful in the music industry is extremely tough, which results in many talented musicians not even trying to be successful.  If you have a talent for music but are downhearted with the state of the music industry right now, then you do not have to feel this way because you can sell mp3s online to counter the industry’s condition.

Sidestepping Red Tape, Nepotism and Favoritism of the Music Industry

Most musicians who have ever tried to sell mp3s have come across the three major limitations of the music industry i.e. red tape, nepotism and favoritism.  Let us examine these three major enemies of people who want to sell mp3s and make a living as musicians.

If you want to sell mp3 and have sent a CD with your track on it to various record labels, then it is likely that you have had to face the red tape of people at lower designations there.  What happens is that you send your CD to sell mp3s but your CD ends up being ignored or getting stuck at the desks of one of the lower level employees.  Effectively, your CD is never heard by the people who matter.  Nepotism is a practice that is very common in the music industry.  Due to nepotism, talented musicians who want to sell mp3s online are ignored in lieu of less talented musicians just because the latter are related to someone in the music industry.  The case with favoritism is similar in that less talented musicians are chosen because they know someone.

Regardless of which three demons you have had to deal with in your efforts to sell mp3s through the conventional methods, it is likely that it was very disheartening.  Fortunately, you can sidestep these three problems by just deciding to sell mp3 online.  All of these issues are rendered redundant by the fact that if you sell mp3s online, you are basically creating your own music, distributing it yourself and being a complete solution for your own music.

Using Your Own Website to Sell Mp3s

The best way to sell mp3s is to do so through your very own website because this would mean that you and your mp3s would always be available to people interested in buying them.  There are different ways through which you can go about developing a website designed to help you sell digital products such as mp3s.  You can hire a professional website designer or developer to create a website for you that is ecommerce enabled, which means that it would have a shopping cart that people can use to purchase your music.

Alternatively, you can just set up your website and use the services of many other websites on the internet that have expertise in making websites ecommerce compatible.  These service providers usually take some money but turn your website into the perfect place for you to sell mp3s.  The biggest benefit of selling mp3s through your very own website is that they would be in the spotlight when potential buyers come to your website.  This can make a huge difference when it comes to converting traffic into sales.

If you decide to sell mp3s on your own website then one thing you should pay attention to is the fact that you have to continuously update your website so as to get the best response from your customers.  You should make sure that your website’s content and design is of high quality because it would soon become your representative in the market.  Similarly, having a newsletter should never be neglected because this would allow you to keep in touch with your buyers and update them about your new releases.

Selling Mp3s through Digital Products Marketplaces

Another way which is very popular with people looking to sell mp3s online is a dedicated digital products marketplace.  If you create a great mp3, sell it through these types of marketplaces because they allow you to have access to a large target audience.  You need to have an exceptionally great mp3 to sell it on these types of marketplaces because the competition there is very strong.  When a potential mp3 buyer comes to such a marketplace, he would see your mp3 amongst all the other mp3s that are being sold in the marketplace as well.  This can take away from your product’s thunder and reduce the amount of sales that you can actually make.

As is obvious, the benefit of selling your mp3s through digital products marketplaces is that you would get access to an already existing customer base.  Notably, the people who come to such marketplaces already come there looking for people who sell mp3s. This means that they are a targeted audience which increases your chances of making a sale.

Combining the Benefits of the Digital Product Marketplace and Your Website to Sell Mp3s Better

Both the methods to sell mp3s mentioned above have their own benefits, with one providing you access to large numbers of potential buyers and the other allowing you to put the spotlight onto your own products.  Fortunately, it is possible for you to take advantage of both these positives by simply implementing both these methods.  While this may seem a little expensive in the initial stages, you would soon realize that it is well worth it.

This would happen when you start getting fans from the digital products marketplace to visit your website and buy your mp3s directly from you.  You would establish contact with new buyers as you sell mp3s to them through the digital products marketplaces, and then for purchase of other mp3s they can visit your website directly.

As a matter of fact, there are many service providers on the internet that not only provide you with a digital product marketplace to sell mp3s but also equip your website with shopping carts specialized for mp3s to allow you to sell mp3s directly.  Moreover, some service providers like PayLoadz provide you with an affiliate network, over and above these two things.