Ins And Outs of Selling Music Downloads Online

A detailed article about Ins And Outs of Selling Music Downloads Online.

Ins And Outs of Selling Music Downloads Online

Selling music downloads is about having fans and the right system

It is very common for a musician on the internet these days to complain that he is finding it difficult to sell music downloads.  While there could be many reasons for this, the most common two causes for this is that the musician is either not going about it the right way to market his music and website or that he is not using a system that is conducive to selling music downloads on the internet.

Consequently, musicians failing to sell music downloads on the internet boils down to them not knowing how to sell music downloads and where to sell music downloads.  In this article, we will cater to these questions in a very detailed manner.

Having Enough Fans Means Selling Music Downloads In Droves

If you are a musician who is having difficulty selling music downloads then you can rectify the problem by getting enough fans.  Unfortunately, most musicians on the internet try to be extremely protective about their music, which is why they are unable to get enough fans in the first place.  In order to get enough fans and sell music downloads you need to be a little more relaxed about your music.

In fact, you need to be so relaxed that, in the initial phases of your efforts, you may have to give away music for free or for reduced prices.  While giving away free music downloads would help, there are better ways.

Post Videos and Entice People with Special Offers

You should look to create videos and post them on video websites such as YouTube to get enough views because many people who view videos on such websites end up looking for the songs in the videos.  You would even get requests for download links in the comment sections of your video pages on these websites which would allow you to sell music videos.

Another way to get seen and be heard by the people is to offer discounts or limited giveaways.  It is human nature to look for and appreciate good deals, and this is something you should look to take advantage of when selling music downloads.  Therefore, a simple offer of a free song for every 10 to 25 shares on social networking websites should get you rolling and selling music downloads in large numbers.  You could even ask for people to write and post reviews of your songs for a free copy of your music.

Figure Out Market Trends and Take Advantage of Them

You should also learn to play on the psychology of people when it comes to selling music downloads.  This means you should create covers of established hits in the mainstream, but with your own style and panache added to the song.  Furthermore, recording and selling music downloads for particular holiday seasons can also help you get a lot of fans because people have a tendency to search for music based on the ongoing holiday season.

This means that you should create and sell music downloads that are eerie in the Halloween season, cheerful, carol type songs in the Christmas season and even Irish drinking songs for St. Patrick’s Day.

Research the Right Kind of System to Sell Music Downloads

Attracting fans and selling music downloads is great, but you should also look to make it easy for potential buyers to buy the music downloads from you.  This means having a system that allows you to sell music downloads to people without there being any need for them to go out on a limb.  There are many different models on the internet for this purpose.  You can sell music downloads using your own website, sell music downloads through established sellers such as iTunes and even sell music downloads through third party digital product marketplaces.

However, this does not mean that you should employ these models for selling music downloads.  You should, instead, research the subject and combine the various models to come up with a model of your own for selling music downloads.  Learn about all the models, customize them to suit your particular purpose and you can not only make it easy for your fans to buy music downloads from you but also make it convenient for yourself to sell music downloads to your fans.

Selling Music Downloads Through Your Own Website

Regardless of what system you create for yourself to sell music downloads, you would not be able to do so without your own website.  The reason why selling music downloads through your own website is so important is that it allows you to have a direct point of contact with your buyers and fans.  Your website would allow you to be available to your fans and buyers at all times every day throughout the year.  Moreover, you can also use your own website to create waves in the music business with track launches, band news and special offers.

To sell music downloads through your own website you would need to equip it with the right internal systems.  This would usually consist of different things such as a special shopping cart, an automated digital product delivery system and even a payment mechanism that has the ability to deal with all the payment platforms and currencies.

iTunes is Wonderful for Getting Attention

iTunes should be at the head of your marketing strategy.  iTunes is seen as the most popular music selling platform on the internet, which simply means that the majority of people looking to buy music downloads search first at iTunes.  Tricks to help you sell music downloads on iTunes include creating an iMix, getting your iMix rated, having people you know review your albums and tracks and making sure that you get reviews from people who know how to write so that even the reviews are attractive.

Third Party Websites Also Help You Get Visibility

Apart from iTunes, there are also other methods of getting visibility.  Using third party digital product marketplaces such as PayLoadz is one of the best ways of getting visibility at affordable prices.  The reason why such websites are good is that they get you visibility but also sales.  Numerous technologically savvy people visit these websites for various digital product needs which means that you would have access to all such visitors and would, most probably, make sales to people who were not even there to buy music.

This can be a perfect way to supplement the proceeds that you get by selling music downloads through your own website and iTunes.  It is also worth mentioning that these types of websites have scripts and software for selling music downloads that you can use on your own website.