Interested in Making Money in Music Publishing

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Interested in Making Money in Music Publishing?

Have you always wanted to learn how to make yourself a good income with your music?  Well, as long as you know a little bit about music publishing that could easily become a reality for you!  It will just take a little time, effort, and a lot of motivation.

Making money as a song publisher isn’t as hard as you might think.  In fact, more and more people are able to make a living in song publishing than ever before. This is probably due to advances in technology and thanks to the Internet.

But what do music publishers actually do to make money?  First of all, it is important to understand that music publishing isn’t anything more complicated than getting your music out there for public consumption.  So, you can easily become a song publisher by simply posting your music on your blog, website, or any other source online like an online marketplace like PayLoadz.  Radio song publishing is a little more involved.

Here are the three main types of music publishing that you can consider for starting your song-publishing career:

Internet Music Publishing

Once you put a song or album up on the Internet – any Internet source – you’ve become an Internet song publisher.  You’ll notice that if you start filling out music composer forms and copyright forms, they will ask if, when, and where your music has been published.  If you’ve made it available online, you can be considered to have succeeded in music publishing.  To make a profit in online music publishing, you need to sign up with music publishing sites that charge for each song, like iTunes, Soundstation, Rhapsody, and other similar sites.

Radio Publishing

You can sign up for either BMI or ASCAP, and these music publishers will track your radio airplay and pay you for the amount of play your music gets.  Most radio stations won’t accept your music unless you are signed up with one of these radio music publishers.  Just remember, you won’t get paid unless your songs get a certain amount of airplay.

Publishing to Record Shops

Music publishing to record shops is probably the hardest thing to do these days.  For one, not many of them exist anymore.  But, you can distribute your music to record shops, let the storeowners promote you, and let fans find you as they shop.  This is the most old-fashioned form of song publishing – and perhaps the original “viral marketing” in the music business.