Making Your Web Store Even Better

A detailed article about Making Your Web Store Even Better.

Making Your Web Store Even Better

Do you want to boost your web store’s online sales?  Follow these tips to making your virtual store even better.

It has become clear that the Internet has moved away from a mere novelty and into our everyday lives.  There are web stores for everything.  Entire businesses are managed online, people do their grocery shopping via the web, and everything in between!  That means as a retailer, your online presence is absolutely essential to your company’s survival.  If you don’t already have an e-store it’s high time you get one.

But, what happens when you aren’t a web-programming whiz?  How can you build an e-store that people will want to shop on?  Rest assured, you don’t have to know HTML or really anything else to make your virtual store great.  Just follow these tips and tricks to making your e-store something the masses will want to see.

Naming Your E-Store and Registering a Domain

If you don’t already have a virtual store, or even a website, this will be your first step.  The trick to a good e-store is to have a professional, unique, streamlined appearance that will set you apart from the competition.  That means you’ll need to start with a unique domain name.  How do you select a good domain name for your virtual store?  Here are some tips to naming your web store:

  • Keep the URL (web store address) short
  • The name of your web store should be relevant to your company and product
  • Choose a catchy name for your e-store (this makes it easier to remember)

Once you’ve chosen a good domain name for your web store, you need to register it.  When you purchase the domain for your e-store, think about your industry.  Will there be a lot of competition?  You might want to register a few variations of the name as well as “.com,” “.org,” and “.net” versions of it.

You can also register for a free online store.  There are some domain registries and hosting companies out there that market to the inexperienced web store managers.  So, if you don’t want to go to the trouble of choosing and registering your domain, building your site, and all of that, you could consider one of those services for your virtual store instead.

Upgrading and Improving Your Web Store

If you already have a web store but aren’t entirely pleased with the way it has been performing, there are some measures you can take to fix that.  Perhaps your feedback from customers who have used your e-store hasn’t been up to snuff or you are not getting much traffic at your virtual store.  These types of web store issues can be fixed with a decent upgrade.

Before you undergo a web store upgrade, you really need to make sure that you plan out every aspect before you start making changes to your e-store.  If you aren’t careful, there is a chance you could really mess something up, and nothing is more frustrating than trying to upgrade your e-store only to have it stop functioning!

So, what kind of upgrades can you do to your web store?  There are quite a few different tools that you can implement in your e-store to help increase traffic, build your customer base, boost sales, and improve the overall look and feel of your virtual store.

One of the more interesting upgrades you can do for your virtual store is to create a poll.  There are a number of free online store polls that you can add to your web store.  Adding a poll to your web store can help you connect with customers, find out what they’re thinking, and improve your products offered in the e-store.  This is a great way to learn who your target audience is.  Remember, knowing your audience and customer base intimately will only help you increase sales and succeed.

Do Some Housekeeping in Your E-Store

With any online presence – web store, website, blog – you have a hosting company.  That company is essentially where your e-store is parked.  Now, you may have a web hosting company, but are you with the right one?  There are hundreds of web hosting companies out there; some are better than others.  A good web hosting company must be reliable.  Without a reliable web host your virtual store will only fail.

In addition to a good web hosting company, you need to check your e-store’s site to make sure that all of your links and navigation tools are working properly.  A broken link can be the downfall of any good web store.  Make sure that everything on your site works properly, is well written, and clearly organized.

Using Online Marketplaces to Supplement Your Web Store

While it is important to have a solid e-store with a professional look, there are other measures you can take to boost your online sales.  This can be achieved simply by giving your customers a wider range of places where they can find your products.  You can do this by listing your products in an online marketplace, which is essentially an extension of your virtual store.

One online marketplace that many retailers use to boost their bottom line and supplement their existing e-stores is PayLoadz.  PayLoadz is an online payment gateway and platform that can connect retailers with thousands of interested customers.  Many retailers use PayLoadz as an extension of their virtual store.

PayLoadz allows retailers to accept a variety of payment methods including, but not limited to, PayPal, Google Checkout, and Amazon Payments.  PayLoadz is also compatible with existing web stores and online auction sites.  In fact, retailers that don’t even have an e-store at all can use PayLoadz!

Joining PayLoadz is quick, easy, and free.  So, whether you have an existing web store or are just figuring out how to improve your e-store, there really is no reason not to sign up today.  What’s stopping you?  Go ahead and try PayLoadz as a supplement to your web store for free!