Marketing Strategy for Selling iPhone Apps

A detailed article about Marketing Strategy for Selling iPhone Apps.

Marketing Strategy for Selling iPhone Apps

The iPhone and Android apps industry is at a point where it can only be seen as saturated.  This is the case because the App stores today boast of hundreds of thousands of applications from which the buyers can choose from.  Virtually every mobile application in the market right now has multiple competitors to deal with.  This means that if you want to sell iPhone app or sell Android apps then you are going to have to compete with many other companies and developers.

This can take a toll on even the most well to do apps creation companies or wealthy developers because multiple competitors can gradually drain the financial resources of any developer or company.

The Big Problem with Selling iPhone Apps

The biggest problem with selling iPhone apps or, for that matter, selling Android apps, is, as mentioned above, the competition.  Even if you have a great app, it can get lost in the throngs of those that are populating the App Stores today.  In fact, there are numerous people selling iPhone apps and Android apps in the market that are exceptional in nature but have not yet achieved their true potential.

The reason for this is simple. Even though the people who are selling iPhone apps are brilliant when it comes to designing the apps, they are not very good at marketing them.  This means that, in addition to creating great apps, you have to know how to market them as well.  The following part of this article will address this problem and give you tips on how to sell iPhone app.

Increase the Potential of the iPhone or Android App

Marketing something is only possible as long as that ‘something’ is different from everything else in the market.  Consider buying a can of orange juice.  If all the products in the market are orange juice then it would be very tough for you to sell your orange juice to the audience.  Alternatively, if everyone was either producing mango juice or tomato juice because it sells, you can actually market your orange juice and grab a huge market.

Selling iPhone apps and selling Android apps is the same.  The market is currently full of all types of categories, which means you should innovate to create a new market.  This means one of two things for you.  Either you have to create a whole new category or genre to sell your iPhone apps or you have to take something that already exists and reinvent it in a way that it is significantly different from everything else in the market.

Social Media Marketing is Crucial for Selling iPhone Apps

Social media marketing is one of the most potent marketing techniques in the modern world.  Simply speaking, if you know 10 people then it is likely that 9 out of those 10 are on some kind of a social media website and spend a significant amount of time on it on a daily or weekly basis.  This means that if you want to sell iPhone apps or sell Android apps then you have to use social media websites because they would give you access to a large target audience.

The trick to selling iPhone apps is to get people to talk about your product.  As a matter of fact, the more talk you can get for your product the better its sales performance is going to be, because most iPhone or Android phone users buy apps on the basis of recommendations from friends and family.  Effectively, you need to direct your marketing efforts towards social media networks and ensure that the way you formulate your marketing strategy reflects the target audience for your app.  For example, if you have an app that combines GPS, heart rate monitoring, barometer, altimeter and a compass then you know that your target audience is the sporty type or the fitness freak type.

Blogs Can Make or Break an iPhone or Android App

If an individual is technologically savvy to own a smart phone, then you can rest assured that he is technologically savvy enough to go through professional reviews and online technical blogs before buying any iPhone or Android app.  This means that if you want to sell Android apps or sell iPhone apps then you just have to focus on getting the blogs to review you.

Catering to technical blogs is going to be an important skill for you if you want to sell iPhone app.  For this, you need to figure out how to think like the people behind the blogs.  Most bloggers want traffic and attention.  Resultantly, they prefer to review apps that are interesting and entertaining and not too technical.  You also have to make it easy for blogs to cover your apps.  Hence, you have to provide them with the images, the technical details and the benefits of your app so that all they have to do is collate and create a blog post.

Provide Discounts and Special Offers in Abundance

When you decide to sell iPhone apps or Android apps online, discounts and special offers become very useful for you.  In fact, they are the easiest method of giving your initial sales a good boost.  Promotion codes, special coupons and discount offers placed in the right places can not only drive traffic onto your website but also result in conversions where you might not have had any.

You should also combine special offers and blogs because this is a mix that can show results quickly.  Moreover, if you can manage to combine your special offers with specific niche blogs then the effects are even bigger.

Keep a Tight Check on the Amount and Type of Hype You are Getting

Most people selling iPhone apps or selling Android apps tend to think that any kind of hype is good hype.  On the contrary, you would only be able to sell iPhone apps if the hype is positive because nobody would buy something that people are not appreciating.

Similarly, many people seem to think that they can let loose positive hype and it would have a good effect on their sales.  While unlimited positive hype is good for selling iPhone apps, you have to learn to control it because it can easily get out of hand and turn without any warning.  Controlling the hype is one of the lesser known elements of marketing.

Your Web Presence Will Determine Your Reliability

While it is good to sell Android apps on your own website because it will give you direct income, it is also critical to sell Android apps on digital products marketplaces such as PayLoadz because this would give you access to a pre targeted audience that would, in turn, boost your sales incredibly.