PayPal Downloads

A detailed article about PayPal Downloads.

PayPal Downloads

Learn how PayLoadz can help you make the most of PayPal download delivery

Digital Downloads: An Introduction to PayPal Download Delivery

In today’s media market, it is not at all uncommon to sell and deliver digital content such as files, software, art, photographs, music, and movies through a number of electronic sources.  This is usually referred to as e-commerce.  There are many e-commerce platforms, such as PayLoadz, that can be integrated for PayPal downloads and delivery of your digital content.

Working with a platform like PayLoadz makes it even easier to sell downloads and receive payments through PayPal.  Digital goods are easily sold online, but how do you accept payments and deliver the media? PayPal allows for a low-cost and easy way to collect payments from your customers and deliver digital products.  Incorporating PayPal into your PayLoadz account will also open up an entire network of established relationships with global account holders.

However, when you sell digital goods, you will need to implement a little protection on your end while maintaining a certain level of customer service for your clients.  Using PayPal download delivery options is a great way to do this.  PayPal offers protection for both the buyer and the seller which helps reduce the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

The Digital Market and PayPal Downloads

The digital market is a booming one, and if you are not onboard you may be missing out.  The potential for growth is exponential, especially since people are becoming accustomed to buying and using digital goods for various purposes.  There is a certain appeal with selling digital products which include the lack of physical inventory, no shipping costs, instant gratification for consumers, and quick transactions.  These become even more apparent with the use of PayPal downloads.

PayPal download delivery allows for a variety of basic features, which can be of help to any business owner.  Consumers will have automatic and instant access to the purchased product.  The transactions are secure, easy, and fast – nothing is more important in an electronic transaction today.

How to Use PayPal Download Services Effectively

PayPal Download Delivery Allows for Versatility

Working with PayPal downloads is really quite simple. You just have to ensure a clear understanding in order to use it effectively.  PayPal download delivery can actually protect you as a seller as well as open up several windows of opportunity.  PayPal allows you to accept payments in 24 different currencies as well as all major credit cards.  If you do not already have the ability to accept credit card payments, this is definitely the right choice.  Additionally, PayPal download delivery guarantees a branded, seamless purchase experience for your customers as well as discounted fees for micropayments for you.

Account Selection for PayPal Digital Downloads

PayLoadz strongly recommends that all members use PayPal as their preferred payment platform in conjunction with their existing PayLoadz account.  Because PayPal features free registration as well as a level of protection many other payment platforms cannot offer, it is the right choice for anyone selling digital goods.  However, it is important to note that a personal PayPal account is not ideal for PayPal downloads.  It is highly recommended that for PayPal digital download delivery, PayLoadz members use a Business or Premiere PayPal account as they are much more compatible with the current PayLoadz set up.

Using PayPal IPN for Digital Download Delivery

Many PayLoadz members take advantage of the PayPal IPN, or the Instant Payment Notification system.  This is a particularly useful PayPal download system that allows for simple payment processing and secure digital delivery.  Additionally, it is a very affordable option as there are no monthly fees associated with having such an account.  Remember, secure digital download delivery is not something that happens on its own.  Business owners like those belonging to the PayLoadz community need to be proactive to avoid problems with payment and download delivery.

PayPal Downloads and Micropayments

PayPal micropayments allow you to take advantage of the benefits PayPal has to offer when selling digital products through PayLoadz while getting exposure to lower transaction fees.  Basically, if your revenue per transaction is below $8, you can qualify for micropayment levels.  These benefits are offered to certain merchants in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, and Europe that use Business or Premiere accounts.  Merchants who qualify for the micropayment levels may sign up for a separate PayPal account but you will still be able to use either for your PayLoadz account.

It is easy to use PayPal downloads with your existing PayLoadz account.  In fact, it is recommended.  So, whether you are selling e-books, art, music, movies, or any other digital product through PayLoadz, it is easy and beneficial to take advantage of PayPal digital download delivery services.  You and your customers will be protected and very satisfied!