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Selling Your Digital Goods through PayLoadz with PayPal IPN

As an online digital goods seller you already know what a lucrative business it can be. It seems like today everyone is looking for a digital product as they shop online. Such products include music, movies, photographs, art, software, files, and much more.

Working with PayLoadz you will find that it can be extremely rewarding and easy to sell your downloadable products and to make money. Though you can accept various forms of payments for your products, PayLoadz works successfully with PayPal. In fact, PayPal is a great solution for a low-cost and easy payment collection that your customers can trust. Combining your digital sales with the PayPal IPN system and the PayLoadz platform, your digital goods will be protected from unauthorized downloads and your customers can rest assured that they get their downloads immediately after making payment.

So, What is a PayPal IPN Download?

PayPal’s Instant Payment Notification, or PayPal IPN is one of the latest offering from PayPal and PayLoadz has created Instant Payment Notification Download system for selling digital goods more conveniently. The PayPal Instant Payment Notification system is a simple messaging service that sends out a notification when a transaction is affected in some way. The PayPal IPN allows digital goods sellers, like you, to integrate their back office so that there is no waiting around for payment confirmation to fulfill orders.

The PayPal IPN is able to send notifications for a variety of different events including instant payments, express checkout payments, eChecks, pending payments, recurring payments, subscriptions, authorizations, and direct credit card payments. The IPN download script also works out of the purchase flow on your website and notifies you when a payment is denied, disputed, charged back, reversed, or even refunded. And as always, both PayLoadz and PayPal will help log all of the transaction histories for quick and easy future reference.

Deliver Downloads Instantly with PayPal Instant Payment Notification Download System

In today’s world, immediate gratification is a key element to the level of success a retailer might enjoy.  As a digital goods seller, you are in luck as long as you can deliver your files as soon as payment is received.  When you use PayPal IPN along with your PayLoadz account, you are offering an instant download.  That means that as soon as your customer makes payment and it is confirmed, your downloadable product can be distributed.

How PayPal IPN Works

In order to effectively use PayPal IPN with your PayLoadz account, it helps to have an understanding of what it can do. If you aren’t a technical person, that’s alright. The PayPal IPN download is essentially used to handle purchase confirmations and server-to-server communications. That means it can also be used to help manage and customize a variety of communications and APIs.

With the PayPal IPN you can easily customize responses to customer actions. It is possible to do this with your own website and through the PayLoadz platform. It can also be used to track affiliate sales and track customer and transaction history.

Benefits of Using PayPal IPN with PayLoadz

At PayLoadz, we strongly recommend that all of our members take advantage of the benefits of PayPal IPN service. While we do allow our members to accept other methods of payment like Google Checkout, the Instant Payment Notification Download system is highly recommended. One of the main reasons to use PayPal IPN is to create a hassle free automated system for delivering digital downloads instantly after the payment is cleared. Now there is no need to keep checking your account statement to see if an eCheck payment has cleared to fulfill a digital download order. All of this can now be automated with the IPN download script.

The IPN system is also useful particularly in other special cases which require your attention such as chargebacks and reversals. Since such events happen outside your website’s system, there can be a delay in you being notified of the same. With the IPN download script now you don’t have to wait for someone to notify you of such events. The PayPal IPN system keeps track of such events and notifies you about them automatically as and when they happen.

Being a Proactive PayLoadz Member with PayPal IPN

At PayLoadz, we know that time is money, so instant and secure download delivery is of the utmost importance. That means that you need to be a proactive digital goods seller.  We offer a full Help Section for connecting your PayLoadz account with your Business or Premier PayPal account. In fact, if you are in a hurry to start selling your digital goods, PayLoadz Express might be your best bet.

Remember, you don’t have to necessarily use the PayPal IPN download system when selling your goods through PayLoadz, but it will only make things more streamlined for your business.