Self Publishing Books with Xlibris Corporation

A detailed article about Self Publishing Books with Xlibris Corporation.

Self Publishing Books with Xlibris Corporation

Xlibris Corporation provides print on demand publishing services to authors who don’t want to take the traditional book publishing route. While many people think of Xlibris as a book publisher, it is actually a publishing services provider that provides services, support, technology and infrastructure for publishing books making the writers their own publishers.

How to start publishing books with Xlibris Corporation

With Xlibris, anyone can get his or her book published and make it available to readers across the world. The process starts with the author submitting a request through phone or email for book publishing. Upon receipt of request a consultant from Xlibris gets in touch with the author to provide an overview of the publishing packages and answer questions about the service. After signing up for an appropriate package, the author submits the book material which is reviewed by Xlibris team for production readiness. The team then prepares the interior layout and cover design which is sent to the author in electronic format for review and approval. Once the author approves the proof and signs the release form, book is listed on Xlibris bookstore within 24 hours and is made available for ordering.

Xlibris provides end-to-end self publishing services to book authors which include:

  • Publishing Services that include full color as well as black and white book publishing in several formats such as paperbacks, hardbacks and custom leather bound books.
  • Editorial Services such as review and copyediting by professional editors.
  • Marketing Services that include press releases, book review campaigns, marketing kits etc.
  • Add-on Services like copyright registration, the ability set your own price for the book and the amount of royalties etc.

Benefits of Using Xlibris

There are several benefits of using Xlibris for self publishing. Authors can save on time required for taking the book from manuscript stage to market ready stage. The authors retain complete rights on their work when publishing with Xlibris Corporation. There are, however, some points that you need to be aware of. You will need to pay an upfront fee depending on the package that you choose before knowing how well your book will perform in the market. You will also have only a partial ability to control the book price and the amount of royalties that you get.

Publishing eBooks with provides an ability to publish ebooks in black and white format. This is a paid program and the authors need to upgrade their package to include ebook publishing by paying the program fee.

With the availability of iPad, iPhone and Amazon Kindle, ebooks have become widely popular with readers these days. PayLoadz is an alternative to Xlibris that allows authors to sell and distribute ebooks as well as collect payments from a single platform. Using PayLoadz, ebooks can be sold through any website, email, or the PayLoadz store. PayLoadz also offers an affiliate program using which authors can market ebooks in a very cost-effective manner.