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Sell Downloads

Find out how to sell downloads by reading our guide below using the PayLoadz payment and e-commerce platform

An Introductory Look at How to Sell Downloads

Today you’ll find that the digital download is one of the top-selling products in almost any market.  Almost anything can be a digital download – movies, books, music, software, and even art.  If you sell downloads, you are in store for a very lucrative business career.  If you haven’t already started, now is the best time to learn how to sell digital downloads.

Those who already sell downloads to their customers know that it isn’t as difficult, time-consuming, or expensive as some may think.  In fact, if you really want to know, selling digital downloads is not only profitable, but it is quite affordable.  The key to success when you sell digital downloads is to know what you’re doing.  And that’s precisely why PayLoadz is here!  We know all about selling digital downloads.

Things to Know When You Sell Digital Downloads

In Order to Sell Download Files, You Need an E-Storefront

One of the best ways to sell download files is through an e-storefront.  Just like a physical storefront, this is somewhere that your customers can get to, find your product, and choose to make the purchase.  If you don’t have this option, you’ll have very few sales, we guarantee!  So, whether you’re selling music, e-books, or software, it’s high time to get a good sales page.  This page can be on a blog or an entire website dedicated to your product.  It should be well-written and clearly explain what your product is and how it can help the customer.

In Order to Sell Downloads Versatility is Key

If you don’t already have a website or sales page dedicated to your digital product, you can still sell download files online.  You just need a platform such as PayLoadz.  The PayLoadz Store is a great way for sellers to feature their digital download products and make more sales.  In fact, even if you already have an e-commerce site, using the PayLoadz Store is beneficial as it allows just another option for your customers to find your product.  Remember, our website and store get thousands of hits a day.

Advertising Counts When Selling Digital Downloads

Often you hear of situations in which a really great digital download just doesn’t sell.  Ever wonder why?  The main reason behind poorly selling digital downloads is poor advertising – and there’s just no excuse for it.  Think about it; if the public doesn’t know your digital product exists, how would they know to buy it?

Advertising really does count when it comes to being able to sell digital downloads with any measure of success.  A word of advice is never to invest in an advertising campaign simply because it is cheap.  Always do plenty of research on your target market and audience.  This will allow you to place advertisements in venues that make sense.  Eventually, you will find that your advertising has paid for itself.

As a PayLoadz member, you will be able to list your digital products in our e-store and even take advantage of our featured listings to boost your sales even higher.

Delivery Systems When You Sell Digital Download Files

When you sell digital download files, there are a number of delivery systems and platforms you may choose.  However, the delivery method is an integral part of your sales success, so take care.  Your choices include download pages and URLs, email delivery, and a combination of methods.  However, when selling digital downloads, it is better to make the delivery process as quick and automated as possible.

That’s why we’re here!  PayLoadz is an online platform that specializes in helping sellers like you sell digital downloads to their customers.  We can automatically deliver your e-book, music file, or software download quickly and directly once the payment from your customer is received.  Our service is extremely reliable as we ensure that your customers get their digital files quickly and without hassle.

If You Sell Digital Downloads, Know Your Payment Options

When you sell digital downloads, you want to get paid, right?  Sure, we all do.  So, that means you need to make the payment options provided to your customers as easy, convenient, and fast as possible.  In today’s age of instant gratification, no one wants a slow purchase or payment process.  The easier your method of accepting payments, the more sales you are likely to experience.

Many online sellers set up their own credit card and bank payment process, though this can be quite costly.  We suggest that any online retailer such as yourself take advantage of the services of Google Checkout and PayPal.  Both are low-cost solutions for those who sell digital download files and allow buyers to have a sense of security when making their purchase.  We offer full integration with both systems to make it even easier on you!

Want to Sell Digital Downloads using PayLoadz?

Get started selling digital download files with PayLoadz today.  Setting up your account is easy and free which means you can sell digital downloads right away.  Our digital delivery service is second to none and you won’t be disappointed in the increased sales you will experience.