How Do I Sell Knitting Patterns Online

Many people have a love of knitting and crocheting. They may have picked up the hobby from their grandmothers or mothers. Some have actually moved into creating their own patterns, knitting beautiful pieces that are individual and unique. If you enjoy knitting and crocheting and have the need to share your original patterns, then you can sell knitting patterns and make some extra money while enjoying your hobby.

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How do you start to sell knitting patterns?

Like with any market, you need to know and understand what your audience wants. If you have a book of techniques you want to share, you can do so by publishing the book in a hard copy or by turning it into a digital copy and selling it as a PDF on your own website. The same applies when you sell crochet and knitting patterns. You can send your customers a hard copy including a picture of the finished product or offer it as a download online.

It’s a good idea to poll the other knitters and crocheters in your circle to find out what they are looking for. Are they advanced in this craft or beginners? Are your patterns currently in style? These things need to be considered when you decide to sell knitting patterns. Consider starting off by offering to sell crochet and knitting books that cover the basics of each craft, easy stitches that move into more difficult ones, how to solve common problems, and everything else the new crafter needs to know. Look into niche markets, such as how to knit or crochet if you’re left handed. These types of books will sell well.

For a quick overview, watch the "What is an eBook?" video below:


I want to sell knitting patterns I have created. How do I protect them?

If you create your own patterns – whether knitting or crocheting – type the pattern out on your computer and save it in a PDF file so that you can sell them on your website. A PDF file is not easy to change or modify, which is why we suggest using this format for your patterns. Since these are all original works, you should have them copyrighted before you post them on your websites. There are two ways you can do this

The first way to copyright your pattern is by simply adding ‘Copyright [your name, year]’ to the pattern. This tells everyone that you created this pattern and you own the rights to it. If you add the term ‘All rights reserved’ to your pattern then it can only be used for personal use and cannot be shared. However, if you want others to share your pattern – such as in a knitter’s group – then you can use what is called ‘Creative Commons’ copyright. This is a copyright that is not as restrictive as others and it allows people to share your patterns and get your name out there. You can sell knitting patterns under this, earn money for your unique design, and get your name known among the crafters.

Where do I sell crochet and knitting patterns?

You can sell crochet and knitting patterns on your own website individually or you can self-publish an e-book of multiple patterns through a self-publishing website. Either way offers you the advantage of retaining all creative control over your patterns and how they are presented and ultimately printed if that is your desire

One option you have when you sell knitting patterns on your website is that you can offer a knitting pattern sale to your customers, or a crochet pattern sale. If you have a bunch of new patterns you would like to launch, you can offer a pattern sale to get the old patterns out of stock and off your website. Quite often crafters look for these types of sales and jump on them, especially if you say you will discontinue offering the pattern

Finally, you do have the option of selling your patterns on a website that specifically is designed for this instead of creating your own. There are many pattern sellers who are looking for new designs to share with other crafters. You may need to pay a nominal fee to list your pattern and you may get paid a commission or most of the selling price depending on the pattern seller’s rules. This is another way to get your name known in the industry and get your patterns sold.

I have my site and I am ready to sell knitting patterns. How do customers pay for it?

You want to give your customers every chance possible to purchase knitting patterns from your website. In order to help them you can use a payment platform and gateway such as PayLoadz. It will allow them to pay for the knitting patterns and download them to their computer as well as providing you with an e-store to sell knitting patterns

What are Your Options when it comes to Selling eBooks?

If you want to know how to sell an electronic book, you need to know all of your options.  That means having an understanding of the different payment methods, delivery systems, and seller platforms available to you.  Not only do you need to know your options when it comes to selling eBooks but you also need to offer your customers plenty of choices as well. 

Delivery Systems for Selling eBooks

Selling ebooks requires that you consider the delivery methods.  It is advisable that you make the delivery process as automated as possible. There are quite a few options when it comes to delivery systems.  One common way to deliver ebooks to buyers is to deliver them via email as an attached file.  However, many sellers prefer not to do this as the process involves too much manual intervention.  The sellers need to keep track of payments and sending ebooks to individual buyers and there is always a scope for missed payment or missed delivery of ebook resulting in either a loss of revenue or an unhappy customer.  Another option is to have your eBooks hosted on an online platform like PayLoadz which automatically delivers ebook to the buyer once the payment is received.  You may also consider selling electronic books as tangible media such as CDs and DVDs. 

As far as delivery systems go, the PayLoadz Platform is extremely reliable and has tremendous delivery rate. We ensure your customer gets the book they purchased instantly using our advanced delivery mechanisms that have evolved over many years.

Selling eBooks and Getting Paid

In order to sell ebooks online, the payment options that you provide to buyers should be easy, quick, and convenient and at the same time should also provide enough security to both the buyers and sellers.  Also one should be able to provide several options to the buyer to make payment.  The easier it is to pay, the more ebooks you are likely to sell.  You must be able to accept electronic payments in order to sell ebooks.  One option is to set up your own merchant account and online credit card and bank payment facility.  This option can be expensive as well as time consuming for the seller to operate and maintain.  Also, the buyers may not find it trustworthy.  The second option is to choose online payment processing companies such as PayPal and Google Checkout.  Both of them are low-cost services that allow buyers to make electronic payments directly from bank accounts and credit cards in a secure manner.  PayLoadz offers integration with several payment providers such as PayPal, Google Checkout, TrialPay, Amazon Payments etc. and setting these up takes only minutes.  When integrated with delivery platforms such as PayLoadz the overall process of payment and delivery becomes a really easy and inexpensive system for selling ebooks

Setting the Price and Customer Support

Setting the price and supporting your customers are also very important aspects to be looked at when you are planning to sell an ebook.  Pricing is more of an art than a science, so it might be helpful to check other sellers and see what they charge.  You don’t want to overprice you’re just beginning to sell ebooks.  Conducting market research to determine how much the public would be willing to pay for will be helpful in selling ebooks

Customer support is also important.  Do you offer support for their problems?  When you are selling electronic books you will need to provide a certain level of customer support.  Speedy response time, reasonable prices, delivery options, and a selection of payment methods will only improve the chances of success in selling ebooks. 

Remember, selling ebooks doesn’t have to be difficult.  As long as you research and employ a variety of delivery options, payment methods, and advertising efforts you will be able to sell ebooks easily and profitably. The easiest way to sell ebooks by far is PayLoadz Express for eBooks - a simple, single web form that allows you to sell e-books instantly.

Selling eBooks using PayLoadz

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