How to Sell Flash Animation

Flash animation is a little programming feature that has popped up all over the Internet on websites, game sites and other sites. They attract your attention and make a website even more spectacular than it was. It makes you start to wonder, ‘"could I sell flash animation on my website and make some extra money while helping people make their websites look fantastic?"

The answer to that question is yes. And you can start by adding flash animation to your website to help attract customers.

Sell Flash Files

What is flash anyway?

Flash animation is the movement that makes your website buttons twinkle or ants walk around the border of your screen. You see this animation in banners and images that move. You can sell flash files to others so that they can have animated graphics on their website. Instead of having a boring website, flash animation makes it a lively website. These files are very easy to use. All you have to do is play the flash animation on your website in the position you want it, save the site and then preview it online. The animation will work on your website just as well as it did on the site you got it from

How can I sell flash animation on my website?

In order to sell flash movie files on your website you have to get some first. There are flash animators all over the world that are looking for freelancing work that you could hire on commission to create the flash files you will sell. Many of these animators design unique things that will complement a website and they can create for you a nice package of flash animations that you can sell.

If you do not want to sell flash animation that has been made by an animator because it is cost prohibitive you can look into buying these files from all over the Internet. There are sites out there where you can purchase a flash animation for as little as $1 that you can then sell on your website. There are also some places out there that offer flash files for free. Make sure whatever you chose to sell on your website is copyright free. If it is not, see if you can get permission from the file owner to sell them on your site.

Since you are building a website to sell flash animation on you can be choosy about the files you acquire. You want to offer your customers a wide variety of files that will go with their website colors, page size and content. You do not need to compromise when it comes down to what you carry on your website when you sell flash movie files. Take you time to find the right flash movie files that will build your collection evenly and diversely

I don’t have a website to sell flash animation. Where else can I sell it?

If you have built up a decent collection of flash files that you want to sell but you do not want to invest the time and money into building your own website, you can look into the many different marketplaces that are available online to sell your flash animations. Some of these sites work better if you are selling original flash files, so make sure you read their rules and regulations carefully before using them to sell your own wares.

There are also flash file sellers out there that will allow you to sell flash animations on commission. Many of them offer you a 50% commission on the selling price of the file. With these types of arrangements you do not need to have any knowledge of creating flash animations, movies or other types of flash files. You simply offer them on your website or other web store you are affiliated with and sell them.

If you are a flash animator who does not want to be bogged down dealing with a website to sell flash animations on, then consider checking out the many different marketplace websites out there. These sites offer you your own selling space where you can post your wares and prices easily and efficiently. You can sell flash files without having to worry about website maintenance if that is not your cup of tea.

I have my site and I am ready to sell flash animation. How do customers pay for it?

You want to give your customers every chance possible to purchase flash animation from your website. In order to help them you can use a platform such as PayLoadz. It will allow them to pay for flash animation and download them to their computer as well as providing you with an e-store to sell flash animation.

Selling Flash Animation using PayLoadz

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