Sell PDFs Online in 5 Easy Steps

A detailed article about Sell PDFs Online in 5 Easy Steps.

Sell PDFs Online in 5 Easy Steps

The introduction of PDF files changed the way world read books and one can easily sell PDFs online and make money from home. If you wish to sell PDFs online, read on to find out how you can do in five simple steps.

Below are the five steps to sell PDFs online

1. Research Your Niche

To sell PDFs online is to find a topic that is popular online but is not being catered to by traditional books. Your PDF document or ebook may not have as much content as a physical book but it needs to have the content that people are looking for. The most common topics that people search for online are general how-tos, troubleshooting tips etc. such as how to make cupcakes, how to fix a particular mobile phone or simply, how to sell PDFs online. The key is to hit the sweet spot between your areas of expertise & interest and the requirement of the buyers.

2. Create the PDF

Once you have found the topic for your PDF ebook, the next step is to arrange the content and create the PDF. To sell PDFs online, you need to make it attractive and engaging. A PDF ebook is different than a book because a customer cannot pick it up from the bookshelf and feel it. It is important that you make an attractive cover for your ebook, use images & illustrations, and also present the content in an engaging manner. You can use basic word processing software such as MS-Word or you can choose to go with advanced publishing software such as MS-Publisher or Adobe PageMaker to create the document. After creating the document, you will need a PDF conversion software to create the PDF version of your document. There are several free desktop software available for this purpose that you can download and use.

3. Choose a PDF Download Service

To sell PDFs online, you will also need a service that can collect payments and deliver the PDFs to customers after they have paid for it. While choosing the PDF download service you should consider factors such as the number of payment options available, security of your PDF document and reliability in terms of delivering the downloads to customers. PayLoadz is a PDF download service that provides multiple payment options and ensures secure storage and delivery of PDF documents.

4. Build a Blog

A blog can prove to be a great tool to sell PDFs online. A blog is a place where, as an author of PDF documents and ebooks, you can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise. You can use the blog to post excerpts from your PDF documents, customer testimonials and reviews that will help you sell PDFs online.

5. Start Marketing

There are several methods available to market and sell PDFs online; however, the aim should be to reach out to maximum number of people. You can choose to run a social media marketing campaign on Facebook or an article marketing campaign. Another way is to use an affiliate network where several marketers help you sell PDFs online for a commission per sale.