Selling Software

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Selling Software

How to Sell Software Online

Learn how to effectively sell software online to your e-store customers using the PayLoadz system.

Introduction to Selling Software Online with PayLoadz

If you have software to sell, have you thought about using PayLoadz as an additional e-storefront, payment platform, or gateway?  It doesn’t matter what kind of software you sell. Whether it’s for businesses, personal use, or something in between, we can help.  If you want to boost your bottom line, increase your sales, and succeed at selling software online, read on to learn how.

First of all, the automated PayLoadz system allows for easy, quick, and secure download sales and delivery which means that you can have 100% confidence to sell software online with us.  Watch your software sales increase as you offer instant downloads or even CD delivery through our payment platform, which also accepts PayPal and Google Checkout payments, as well as a few other options.

You’ll find that there are many benefits of using PayLoadz for selling software online.  Our system offers secure download storage as well as automatic delivery upon payment receipt.  This makes the whole process quick and easy for your customers – something they’ll appreciate and come back for!  And remember, PayLoadz doesn’t have to be your only e-store option. You can use our platform as a supplemental sales venue.

Software Distribution Options

PayLoadz Express vs. PayLoadz Standard

When it comes to selling software online with PayLoadz, you have two options: PayLoadz Express and PayLoadz Standard.  Depending on your needs when selling software online, one option may be better suited for you and your business.

PayLoadz Express is the simplest version and is ideal for those who are interested in just selling basic digital files.  PayLoadz Express offers a simple 1-2-3 process and completes sales in a matter of minutes.  If you have more complicated downloads to sell, PayLoadz Standard may be your best bet.  PayLoadz Standard is also an easy solution though it’s for more prolific sellers.  The standard version is ideal for software sellers that specialize in multiple file delivery, affiliate systems, and software registration key delivery.

Software Registration System

The software registration system is also known as product key and serial delivery.  This feature can protect you as a seller from unscrupulous buyers when selling software online.  Basically, your product won’t work fully unless a specially generated code, otherwise known as the product key, is entered by the customer upon download.  The product key and serial delivery system can be accessed on any product right from your PayLoadz account.  Our software registration system works with most registration systems out there.  There are a couple of different options when it comes to creating and delivering the key codes to your software customers – upload keys, remote key scripts, and passwords.  Just remember, we won’t provide support for actual creation of registration systems. We just take care of enabling the delivery of key codes.

A Little More on Software Delivery

With the PayLoadz system, selling software has never been easier or more secure.  Our system makes selling software and dealing with every aspect of software sales more convenient than the competition.  When you use PayLoadz to sell software, it doesn’t matter where you are and your customers can be in any location as well.  The only thing to remember is that your software files will be secure and the selling process extremely streamlined.

We are the ideal solution for software sellers in need of a versatile and dynamic platform.  You can feature your software products right in our e-store or use the URL we generate to feature your products in forums, blogs, websites, and emails.  The possibilities are endless.

Customer Service Counts when Selling Software Online

Though security, ease, and reliability all are integral elements of successful sales, have you thought about customer service?  Customer service really does count when selling software online.  This means that you should not only market to attract new customers but also appeal to your existing ones.  Consider your pricing, customer opinions, strategy, and competitive edge.  Do you have something that other software retailers don’t?  It may come down to the way you treat your customers – plenty of respect and acknowledgement.  Just remember, the better your customer service, the better your sales will be.

PayLoadz Tools to Help Increase Your Software Sales

If you want to enjoy successful software sales, PayLoadz is definitely your best option.  Not only do we provide a secure and reliable payment platform and gateway, but we also provide extra tools to help increase your overall sales.  The PayLoadz Store is a great place to list your products when selling software online.  We’ve found that the more options you offer your customers when it comes to buying your product, the better off you are as a seller.

Within our system, we offer various tools and features to help you expand on your software sales.  For example, our “Share This Product” feature allows customers to share your software product with other potential customers through social networks, email, and instant messaging.  You already know that word-of-mouth is one of the best ways to boost sales, so we’ve made it easy for everyone at PayLoadz.  We also offer plenty of tips and tricks on effective product listings, discussing the importance of accurate descriptions and product images.  Furthermore, we also offer things like Featured Listings, for increased exposure.

In order to learn more about how PayLoadz can help you increase your software sales, feel free to browse through our website, read out blog, or our video help section.  When it comes to selling software online, we really can help!