Selling unique iPhone apps

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Selling unique iPhone apps

If you want to start selling iPhone apps or selling Android apps then you need to come up with an application that has never been thought of before.  This can be a daunting task because the industry is no longer new and has breathtakingly matured at a very rapid pace.  So, does this mean that any individual wanting to enter the Android and iPhone apps industry has to steel himself for dealing with a lot of competition?

Fortunately, this is not the case.  Despite the fact that selling iPhone apps and selling Android apps is no longer as easy as it was only a couple of years ago, it is still possible for an online entrepreneur or apps designer to compete and, indeed, prosper in this competitive iPhone and Android apps environment.  Consider the following:

Spinning to Sell iPhone Apps and Android Apps

Unless you are sitting on a revolutionary idea that you expect will get you lots of riches, your best chance would be to sell iPhone apps or sell Android apps that have an interesting spin on them.  Using the existing concepts and then turning them on their heads can result in something innovative as well as something that people are already used to.  For example, taking the weather app concept and creating a visual version of the same can be quite effective.

Repeated Emphasis on Innovation

The key to successfully selling iPhone apps or selling Android apps is to keep iterating and reiterating the unique aspect of the application.  This means that you have to focus on this aspect from the beginning i.e. conceptualization of the app, to the end i.e. the marketing and advertising of it.  If you keep the emphasis of making it different from what already exists in the market, then you would not have to cope with all the competition and the uniqueness of your apps would pull it through to success.

Combing Multiple Concepts

If you are looking to sell iPhone apps then you can also try to make your creation different by taking multiple concepts and combining them to create a single solution for many people.  For example, there are many people selling iPhone apps that provide cocktail ingredients and there are also other people who are selling apps that provide the locations of bars in a region.  You can sell iPhone apps that combine cocktail ingredients and bar GPS apps to provide end to end solutions for people who like to drink.

Going the Opposite Direction

In effect, if you want to sell iPhone apps in the market then your aim should be to go in the opposite direction of the market leader.  This would keep the paths of your competitor and you from crossing, giving you greater freedom to sell iPhone apps and Android apps.