Sell Downloads With PayPal

A detailed article about Sell Downloads With PayPal.

Sell Downloads With PayPal

Features that you should look for, for best performance and results

Everything on the planet is going digital.  For the entrepreneur, this is a very good trend because it means cheaper start up costs.  In fact, many entrepreneurs are already making hay in this sunshine by setting up various types of online businesses.  One of the most profitable industries in the modern day and age is the digital product industry.  Be it music files or eBooks and instruction manuals, the world of digital products is on the up.

While being inherently simple, the entrepreneurs in this industry need to focus on one aspect of their businesses the most i.e. the digital product delivery system.  Ideally, you, as the entrepreneur, need to use PayPal to sell downloads on your website, blog or eBay account.

Why Should You Sell Downloads With PayPal?

The primary reason why you should be selling downloads using PayPal is that the majority of your customers would have a PayPal account.  PayPal is easily the most popular payment gateway system on the internet, and businessmen to freelancers and individual customers use it for a wide variety of purposes.

Hence, when you sell downloads with PayPal, you are effectively inviting a potential buyer to become your customer because all he needs to do to purchase your digital product is press a few PayPal buttons.  It is also important to note here that, if you sell downloads with PayPal as your main payment system, you would be sidestepping expensive merchant accounts that can burn a large hole in your pocket.

How to Sell Downloads With PayPal

If you already know about the benefits of selling downloads using PayPal then it is likely that you are wondering how you can implement this for your website eBay account.  While you can install a simple PayPal button quite conveniently, you need to ensure that your customer gets his digital product immediately and that he will not share it with another person who has not made the payment.

The latter situation arises when you simply have a ‘thank you’ page where you send your customer, once he has made the payment.  The result is that your customer can basically send the URL to another person who would also be able to download the digital product.  This is regarded as the inherent drawback of selling downloads using PayPal.

How to Solve the Problem of Piracy?

The best method of selling downloads using PayPal without allowing the links to be forwarded is to install a script or software onto your website.  Such scripts or software are linked to your PayPal account and also your digital product.  When your customer completes the payment procedure, the software will sense the completed payment and will send an email to the buyer containing the link of an auto-generated web page where he can download the digital product.

The difference between selling downloads using PayPal with scripts and a ‘thank you’ page is that the web page from where the digital goods can be downloaded is temporary and has a time limit of around 2 days on it.

Importance of Analyzing Potential Scripts or Software

There are numerous different types of scripts or software on the internet that will allow you to sell downloads with PayPal.  The range of these types of scripts and software can start from extremely simple and dirt cheap to highly advanced and extremely exorbitant.  The payment systems for these kinds of scripts also vary from one provider to another.

For example, if you sell downloads with PayPal using one provider’s script, you may have to pay a heavy monthly rental and very low transactional charges.  Alternatively, if you try to sell downloads with PayPal using another provider’s script then you may end up paying large transaction fees and minimal monthly rentals.  Similarly, there are distinct differences between different scripts from different providers, which is why you have to analyze different options and arrive at one that fits your needs the best.

Simplicity is Crucial in These Scripts

Simplicity is something that you should be looking for in the scripts that you plan to employ for selling downloads using PayPal because the installation of these scripts, if complicated, can turn out to be very problematic.  However, in many cases, the search for simple scripts ends up overshadowing the need for functionality.

The best way of arriving at a compromise between simplicity and functionality is for you to look for a script from a script provider who does a lot more than provide scripts for facilitating a website’s ability to sell downloads with PayPal.  There are providers on the internet that not only provide well written and extremely useful scripts but also installation services for the same to be plugged into your website’s platform.

Customizability can Create Better Synergy

Scripts and software that allow a website to sell downloads using PayPal safely tend to be inflexible and unyielding.  This can lead to synergy problems between the website’s platform or design and the scripts that the website is trying to put in place for selling downloads using PayPal.  The only way that this could be avoided is for the scripts to be open source.

An open source script can make it particularly easy for a website to sell downloads using PayPal because the script can be modified and tweaked to suit the style, design and platform of the website.  A seamless synergy between the website and the script is highly desirable, because it would not only make the operations of the website smooth but also give it a better finish from the perspective of the customer.

Product Keys and Registration Numbers Provide Increased Protection

Sometimes, just a temporary download page is not enough because the customers just end up transferring or sharing the digital products directly with their friends, family members and even peers.  This is something that can have a serious impact on the overall turnover and profit of the website that is trying to sell downloads with PayPal.  However, this problem of selling downloads using PayPal can be solved with the help of product keys and registration number modules of the scripts which are designed to keep the products from being shared on a peer to peer basis.

Finding the Right Script and Script Provider

PayLoadz is a script provider that has been catering to digital goods marketers for a long time now and is respected highly in the industry.  Moreover, if you browse through the PayLoadz website, it would also help you understand the concept of selling downloads using PayPal in a more comprehensive manner.