The Hidden Facts about eCommerce Hosting Solutions

A detailed article about The Hidden Facts about eCommerce Hosting Solutions.

The Hidden Facts about eCommerce Hosting Solutions

Did you know that there are hidden facts about eCommerce hosting? Here’s what you need to know about e-hosting and eCommerce hosting solutions.

As you’ve probably noticed over the past decade or so, the online business industry has changed quite a bit.  It seems like you can buy almost any product or service online.  In fact, the world of eCommerce has quickly become a billion dollar industry.  So, what has this evolution done for the world of eCommerce hosting?  For one, it’s raised the bar for eCommerce hosting solutions and providers to be more reliable, innovative, and versatile.

If you’ve got an e-store, there’s no doubt that you need a good e-hosting solution.  Whether you choose free eCommerce hosting or a more robust eCommerce solution, the main goal should be to find an e-hosting solution that is reliable, high-speed, and can provide an answer to all the needs of any online business.

What is eCommerce Hosting?

To put it into simple words, eCommerce hosting is a service that provides an all-in-one solution for online businesses.  E-hosting includes everything from domain name registration (choosing the URL for your e-store) to payment and credit card processing on your site and everything in between, all through a single e-hosting account. With all these great features, eCommerce hosting can end up costing a pretty penny.

So, does the high price of eCommerce hosting justify the service?  That’s for you to decide.  However, here are some hidden facts about eCommerce hosting solutions that you should probably know.

The Price of eCommerce Hosting Might Cost Less When Bought Separately

You might actually get a cheaper deal on eCommerce hosting if you purchase each feature separately.  Of course, free eCommerce hosting will cost very little, so if you can find a free eCommerce hosting company that provides the services you need, that might be your best bet if you are just starting out.  But, if you want a little more bang for your buck (so to speak), you will likely want to purchase eCommerce hosting solutions.

When you buy your eCommerce hosting features separately, you may actually end up paying less.  For example, you could register your domain with one e-hosting company, design your eCommerce store yourself (or hire a professional), get a shopping cart from a web application e-store, find an auto-responder from another e-hosting site, and use PayPal (or another solution) to accept credit card and ACH payments right on your website.  Sure, you can purchase all features from the same eCommerce hosting company, but you might end up saving up to 30% if you buy separately.

With Limited Time and Experience eCommerce Hosting May be the Best

If your budget isn’t as high priority as your time, you may buy all your services from a single eCommerce hosting company instead of individually.  Sure, buying e-hosting solutions separately can save money, but it can take a considerable amount of time.

Buying all of your e-hosting services from a single source may provide the best deal for you as you can access all of your website features in a single control panel.  There is a variety of eCommerce hosting services that you can choose from.  Just remember to compare several of them before actually signing up.

What’s the Story with Free eCommerce Hosting?

A free eCommerce hosting company will provide many of the same features and services a paid eCommerce hosting company will, but you don’t pay for it.  Many reputable e-hosting companies offer different levels of service, ranging from free to paid.  It just depends on what you need for your e-store.  You may find that as you start out in online retail, a free eCommerce hosting solution may be your best bet, as you’re still learning the ropes.  As you become more experienced, you will definitely want to move on to more robust e-hosting solutions.

Why Use E-Hosting, Anyway?

If you want to engage in online trade, you absolutely need an e-hosting service.  Remember, eCommerce hosting is the platform on which your e-store stands.  Without e-hosting, you may not be able to modify or maintain your website, which will become a problem very quickly.  A good eCommerce hosting solution will make sure that your website stays online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week thus allowing your customers access to your products anytime they choose.

Alternatives to eCommerce Hosting Solutions

Yes, you need an eCommerce hosting solution if you have your own website or blog from which you sell your products.  However, you can still engage in online sales if you don’t have your own website.  Confused?

There are actually plenty of alternatives to having your own website.  Without your own website, you won’t have as much control over the venue in which you sell your products, but you won’t have to worry so much about the various eCommerce hosting solutions or e-hosting issues that may come up.  One way to avoid this is to join an online marketplace where you can list your products, connect with affiliates, engage in cost-effective marketing, and track your sales.

Why Worry About eCommerce Hosting When You Can Join PayLoadz?

An online marketplace is a great alternative to eCommerce hosting, especially when you are on a tight budget or just don’t have the experience or manpower to build your own eCommerce website.  PayLoadz is one example of such a marketplace.  With PayLoadz, there is no need to worry about e-hosting.

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Joining PayLoadz is quick, easy, and free.  There is no fee to sign up or list your products on the PayLoadz site.  So, what’s stopping you?  If you don’t want to worry about eCommerce hosting solutions, join today.