Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Downloads

A detailed article about things to keep in mind when selling downloads.

Things to Keep in Mind When Selling Downloads

Making sure that your endeavors to sell downloadables are successful

Selling downloads is not just something that people do for a side project, despite the fact that most people begin with this assumption in mind.  The change in perspective usually comes when they see the kind of benefits that selling downloadables provides and, even more importantly, the kind of money it rakes in.  Unfortunately, most people fail to even reach a phase where they can recognize selling downloads for what it is – an easy and simple way to make money for life.  The reason why the majority of people who start selling downloads end up pulling the plug on the project is that they do not go about it in a stable and planned manner.

Covering All Angles and Planning For All Contingencies

If you have been asking yourself the question of ‘which is the best way for me to sell my downloads’ because you think there is some technical and complex answer, then you need to relax because selling downloads is not a very complex procedure.  All you have to do to ensure that your efforts to sell digital downloads are successful is keep certain things in mind when planning the whole career path.  In different words, if you cover all angles, take care of all the bases and plan for even the unlikeliest of contingencies then you would be able to enjoy lucrative success by selling downloads.

Focusing On the Storage of Your Digital Products

If you want to sell downloadable products, the first thing you would have to pay special attention to is the storage system for your digital downloads.  The days when you could just store your digital products anywhere are long gone simply because your products, if successful, would become very much in demand, which would in turn draw attention from the negative elements on the internet.  This would create a lot of risk for your digital products, especially if they are not stored properly.

In addition to this risk of selling downloads, regardless of how good a computer person you are, you have to plan for the contingency of your system crashing.  If you store your digital product on your computer and this happens, then you could lose your product irretrievably.  Having a server based storage system for your digital products would help you sell downloads with more confidence and certainty.

Establish a Foolproof and Reliable Instant Digital Product Delivery System

Selling downloads is primarily about making sure that people are interested in your downloads. This is only possible if you provide them with instant gratification.  This means that when you sell downloadable products, you have to ensure that the moment your customer pays the required amount he or she will receive his digital product.  There are various scripts, auto responder and service providers on the internet that will help you with an instant digital product delivery system.

Another major concern for people who sell downloadable products is protecting the downloads from being hijacked by people who just want to make a quick buck through piracy.  There are mainly two ways through which your digital products can become victims of piracy.  The first is simply that they buy the product from you and share the link that you give them for downloading your product, while the second is that they spread the product itself.  Both these problems can be dealt with by a secure instant digital product delivery system.

Integrate All Languages, Currencies and Payment Systems for Maximum Reach and Accessibility

Selling downloads is also about being able to cater to as many people as possible.  You need to do this while selling downloads because the biggest benefit of the internet is that it gives you access to all the consumers throughout the world.  Effectively, if you limit yourself to a certain group when selling downloads, you would reduce the potential for your business to grow.  This means that, when you sell downloadable products, you should try to cater to different groups of people i.e.  people who speak different languages, people from other countries using different currencies and even people who use different types of payment systems.

Hence, your efforts to sell downloadable products should incorporate all the major languages like English, French, Spanish and Cantonese.  Similarly, your system for selling downloads should be compatible with various major currencies such as the American Dollar, the European Euro, the English Pound and even some important currencies like the Chinese Yuan, the Australian Dollar and the Indian Rupee.  Moreover, your endeavors to sell downloadable products should not just focus on PayPal as the payment gateway system and should incorporate other payment systems such as Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, 2Checkout, TrialPay and any other system relevant to your digital products.

Learn To Incorporate Research Techniques with Your Operations

While you have to prepare your business to sell downloadable products to different groups of people, you would also have to put in place methods and systems for attracting these groups to your website.  This means that you would, sooner or later, have to learn about and implement different research and marketing techniques, if you want to sell downloadable products successfully.

Different research techniques like surveys, statistics analysis and competition evaluation when combined with different online marketing techniques such as article marketing, viral video marketing, blog comments, forum posts etc would help you attract targeted audiences to your website where you can sell downloadable products to them.  If these techniques are too technical for you, you can even hire external agencies to handle them for you.

Be Ready To Sell Downloadables through Multiple Avenues

When you decide to sell downloadable products, you would have to decide where you are going to be selling them.  While the answer is, of course, on the internet, the question is about the platform that you would be using.  The obvious answer is to sell downloadable products through your own website or blog.  However, this would be slow going because up until your marketing efforts start showing results, you would not make many sales.  This can result in your getting discouraged because you would not see any movement in the initial phases.

This is why you have to supplement your efforts to sell downloadable products through your own website with established digital product marketplaces like the one found on PayLoadz.  Such digital product marketplaces would allow you to have instant access to people who are already willing and ready to purchase from people selling downloads and do not require any convincing.  Once you have garnered a decent market share, you can simply switch your established clients to your own website where the focus is on your products and your profit margins.