Tips to Effectively Use Online Software Distribution Networks

A detailed article about Tips to Effectively Use Online Software Distribution Networks.

Tips to Effectively Use Online Software Distribution Networks

If you are a software developer and have built a fantastic software program, the next step is to ensure that it gets the desired sales numbers. As a software developer you may have all the right skills but selling software is a different game. An online software distribution network comprises of affiliates and resellers who sell software online for a commission. They play a key role in software sales because of their ability to sell software and access to a wide network of customers. Thus, effectively using a network of software distributors is essential for achieving higher number of sales for your business.

Here are some tips:

1. Educate Software Distributors

To be able to sell software, a software distributor needs to have understanding of the software. Someone who doesn’t understand your software thoroughly will not be able to sell it to users. It is important that you provide enough material to software distributors to gain better understanding. It will also help the buyer make a better purchase decision. By simply providing a detailed description of the software and answers to common questions that a buyer may ask you can help the software distributor sell more.

2. Offer Trial Versions

A trial version helps in the selling process by providing the buyers an opportunity to test the suitability of software for their specific needs. By offering a trial version of the software, you can increase the chances of closing a sale. The software distributors will also be willing to promote something that offers a higher probability of sale.

3. Pay Them Well

That’s a no brainer. A software distributor is more likely to promote the software that earns more money. You should offer an appropriate amount of commission based on the price of the software, sales volume and performance of the software distributor, for example, you may pay a lesser amount of commission for software that generates higher number of sales or set a sales level based commission so that the software distributor who sells more copies gets to earn higher amount of commission.

4. Find the Right Network

Last but not the least, it is important to find and join the right type of software distribution network that has a history of selling software. Try to find out details such as how many software downloads the network has achieved, how many software distributors are there in the network, what type of commission structure it offers etc. It is also important to find out how the network secures the download and ensures delivery. A lack of security will lead to piracy of your software whereas a failed delivery will lead to buyer dissatisfaction. PayLoadz is one such software distribution network that has a large number of software distributors who may be willing to promote your software. PayLoadz also provides several tools and features to effectively manage software distribution in a secure environment.