Tips to Help You Succeed at Online Music Distribution

A detailed article about Tips to Help You Succeed at Online Music Distribution.

Tips to Help You Succeed at Online Music Distribution

As an independent musician, you probably already know that successful music distribution is one of the only surefire ways to get your music out there.  Trying to make it in the music industry can be hard – trying to get successful online music distribution can be just as tough.  In fact, music distribution can be a huge roadblock on the streets of success.

Music distribution is never a walk in the park.  You’ve already forked over your hard-earned cash to record your music and produce the album as well as for packaging (though you can often skip that part with online music distribution).  But music distributors can be expensive, which is why many independent musicians choose to start off with free music distribution, when possible.

So, as you embark on your online music distribution efforts, you’ve got to think about how you will sell your songs.  The most cost-effective way of selling your music is probably by offering the mp3.  It’s affordable, easy, and almost everyone has an mp3 player these days.  Once you’ve decided on the format of your music, it is time to figure out exactly which music distribution option you might choose.

Online music distribution usually works best with the mp3 option.  There are several music distribution sites and services out there that will let you join, upload your music files, and sell them through the site.  Obviously, there are very few free music distribution sites but there are some that will only charge a small nominal fee for their service.

If you don’t want to go through an online music distribution service, another way to sell your music online is to do it on your own website.  Basically, it’s the same concept as with any other music distributor except you are hosting your music files.  This may be the most cost-effective way to sell your music, as long as you are comfortable with web programming and have a shopping cart.

Without a music distribution deal, it may be tricky to get your music listed in the bigger online music distribution sites like iTunes and Napster.  But, you can join an online marketplace like PayLoadz where you can list your music files for free and sell them to thousands of customers just waiting to make a purchase.

Getting set up with a service like PayLoadz is quick, easy, and free.  And to top it off, it allows you to track your sales, offers a variety of download options and plenty of support!