Tips To Sell Your Music on the Internet Successfully

A detailed article about Tips To Sell Your Music on the Internet Successfully.

Tips To Sell Your Music on the Internet Successfully

Making sure that your efforts to sell your music online are successful

Musicians have a tendency to hope and wish that their music becomes famous and that they gain fame.  Unfortunately, only a small percentage of talented musicians in this world ever make it to a stage where they can show the people what they are capable of.  The reason for this has been the kind of nexus that record labels, radio stations and television channels seem to have.  If you are a musician then it is likely that you have already dreamt about sitting in a studio and recording your album which is quickly followed by scenes of jubilation as you make it big and gain a lot of fans.  However, if you depend on conventional methods to sell your music then you would find yourself struggling to even make a living.

Sell Your Music Online To Counter the Domination of Record Labels

The record labels, nowadays, have an almost vice like grip on the global music industry as they dictate which musicians get a chance to make it big and which do not.  This concentration of clout results in many talented musicians or indie artists not getting a chance.  If you think your music can be successful but keep asking yourself ‘how can I sell my music’, then you should side step the problem of record labels and tell yourself ‘I can sell my music online’.  The whole process of selling music on the internet is not as complicated or difficult as you may think initially.  Here is a step by step process on how you can sell your music on the internet.

Record a Good Track and Ensure the Quality of the Recording

If you want to sell your music online, then the most important thing you have to focus on is the product that you would be providing to your buyers.  You should study the genre that you plan to enter so as to understand not only the history of the genre and its evolution but also what people expect to get when they click the buy button.  For example, if you decide to sell instrumental beats then you have to figure out which genre and which sub genre you are going to enter.  Moreover, if you plan on selling to a particular artist then you would have to pay attention to the kind of beats he or she has used before.

Moreover, one of the major problems you will face when you sell your music online is the quality of the recording.  Self recordings almost always cause a lot of quality problems.  If you want to sell your music and compel your buyers to come back to you then you should look to have your music files at around 192k because this brings them very near to the CD quality.

Watch For Piracy Issues

If you are looking to sell your music online then you would have to focus on piracy because, the moment your music becomes famous it would start getting unofficially circulated. This, needless to say, would play havoc with your sales figures which would stagnate or even drop.

There are ways through which you can sell your music online and still have it piracy free.  You have to look for websites on the internet that provide protection against the piracy of your music files as well as service providers that can protect your digital product delivery system.  You may have to pay a certain amount of money to these kinds of websites but would soon recoup everything you have invested by repeated sales driven by good business practices.

Preparing Your Website to Sell Your Music

The best place where you can sell your music would always be your own website because your website would act as the perfect way for people to look for your music and connect with you.  In order to sell your music on your own website, you would have to equip it with a shopping cart, a payment system and a digital product delivery system.  All these three things can be found in different ways.

You can hire a professional website developer to set them up on your website, take on the services of many online websites that will give you scripts that you can just include on your website or just install plug-ins that are available on the internet.

Learn the Ins And Outs of Marketing on the Internet

If you are going to sell your music online then you need to learn how to draw people onto your website so as to give yourself a chance to make a sale.  Selling music on the internet is like selling any other digital product.  Marketing digital products can be done in two ways.  The first would have to be that you try to get people to visit your website and this would require you to practice some carefully chosen SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques.  SEO strategies would ideally have to be an amalgamation of various established online marketing techniques such as article marketing, alt tags and web content, Pay Per Click or PPC campaigns and backlink creation.

The other way to market your music on the internet is to use conventional marketing gimmicks such as visiting cards, email signatures, discount offers, coupon codes and press releases.  A combination of all the techniques mentioned would result in your website getting a lot of hits which would, in turn, allow you to sell your music more.

Sell Your Music through Multiple Platforms

While you can sell your music through your own website, you can improve your sales and chances of success if you use more than a single platform for selling your music.  In effect, you should try to sell your music through digital products marketplaces.  The biggest benefit of selling music through this platform is that you get access to a targeted customer base that they have already built up through their other offerings.  By reaching this customer base, you would be able to create your very own customer base and, after the initial sale, you can sell your music to them through your own website.

There are many websites on the internet that would give you access to a thriving and successful digital products marketplace where you can sell your music.  In fact, service providers like PayLoadz would give you a lot more than just a simple digital products marketplace.  They would give you a total package that would allow you to sell your music with panache and aplomb.  Such a package would consist of access to a digital product marketplace, a fully functional and customizable shopping cart and even an affiliate network designed to boost its users’ sales.