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Tradebit is a privately held company that specializes in digital goods sales and online promotions. The Internet-driven company provides a service to digital goods merchants that is incomparable to others in its class. The main focus of the company is to serve files and provide additional services around that.

The unique Tradebit platform was developed specifically for the company using MySQL and PHO on RedHat Linux. This makes it ideal for file hosting and distribution. They’ve got millions of files and it is very easy for even the newest digital goods merchants to get the hang of. Anyone can easily upload files, browse and find downloads, and make purchases. There are eight different categories.

Uploading and selling digital goods is simple and effective with Tradebit. In order to start selling your digital goods on Tradebit you just need a valid PayPal account. Your customers can pay for your products using their PayPal account and Tradebit will transfer the money into yours. In addition to a PayPal account you will also need some legal content and a web browser.

When you sign up with Tradebit, you get a free subdomain. This can act as a specially designed website dedicated to your products. You can upload smaller files using a web browser with their upload wizard. For larger files, you will need to use an FTP client.
Tradebit lets digital goods merchants sell their downloadable products directly to their own PayPal account. You can also use Google Checkout, ClickBank, or Paydotcom with your Tradebit account.

Tradebit Alternative

Though Tradebit has been one of the leading e-commerce solutions for years, there are alternatives you may want to consider. An alternative to Tradebit is PayLoadz. PayLoadz is a unique and efficient online e-commerce solution that allows digital merchants to sell downloadable products quickly, easily, and securely.

PayLoadz offers secure storage, no limits, and plenty of user assistance and information. You can join for free which means no set-up fees. Additionally, PayLoadz allows members to list their digital products in their online store, the PayLoadz Store. And if you need help marketing your digital goods and getting the word out there, consider using their affiliate network.

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