Where to Sell eBooks?

A detailed article about Where to Sell eBooks.

Where to Sell eBooks?

Certain features and qualities are crucial for you to join the throngs of great eBook sellers

Have you been asking yourself where to sell your eBook? Has the question, ‘where can I sell my eBook’ been pestering you night and day? If the answer to these questions is a resounding yes, then it is possible that you have not done research into the subject of where to sell eBooks.  Alternatively, it is also possible that you have done heavy research into the subject but are still unable to make up your mind as to which option would be the best for you.  The solution would be for you to break the problem of where to sell eBooks down to pint sized parts.

Having a Fully Equipped Website Is the Only Way

Most eBook sellers on the internet function through their own websites because authors need to remain in touch with their fans and readers in order to ensure that the connection remains for future sales.  Moreover, another reason why almost all eBook sellers prefer selling through their own websites is that they can pocket all the proceeds from the sales that they make.  In contrast, if the eBook sellers use established marketers and publishing houses, their revenues and profits are reduced.

However, while your own website should answer your question of where to sell eBooks, it also throws up the question of how to prepare your website to sell eBooks.  If you want to set up a website to sell eBooks, then you will need to get technical help from a third party service provider.  In fact, this is the most common way most eBook sellers equip their websites for selling eBooks.

There are numerous service providers on the internet that provide scripts, software or platforms that you can just insert into your website to get a fully functional system for selling eBooks.  Unfortunately, choosing the right platform provider can also be difficult.  Consider the following features and qualities that your platform provider must have.

A Free Trial Period

Different types of eBook sellers require different types of things from their websites.  Effectively, there are different types of platform providers on the internet as well.  If you just choose one platform provider and make the payment only to realize that the platform is not suitable for your needs, then you would be stuck with it for the duration of the contract.

Needless to say, a website that you are not comfortable with would not really allow you to sell your eBooks with the kind of comfort and determination that you would have if you were enjoying operating your own website.  Hence, it is important that the platform provider you are considering should have a trial period of at least seven days.

The Cost of Hiring the Service

There have been numerous eBook sellers on the internet who have not paid attention to the terms and conditions and the costs involved for taking on the services of a platform provider, and later regretted their decision.  This regret would usually arise because the platform provider’s cost is too high.  Different types of costs would suit different types of eBook sellers.

If you have an expensive eBook then you would want to have a service provider who has decent monthly rentals but beneficial transactional costs.  Alternatively, if you rely on bulk then you would prefer low transactional costs and decent monthly rentals.  Making the right choice can be crucial for eBook sellers.

Performance of the Platform Provider

It would also be important for eBook sellers to assess what kind of difference the platform provider makes to the sales figures.  There are highly reliable platform providers on the internet that provide performance boosts of up to 1000 percent which can be crucial for you.  This is why it is advisable for eBook sellers to ensure that they evaluate the sales performance improvement or reduction derived by the installation of the platform onto the website.

Compatibility of the Platform to All Types of Websites and Systems

While the primary answer to the question of where to sell eBooks is on your own website, using multiple different methods can be highly beneficial.  The more storefronts you have the higher the odds of you making sales.  This means that you should sell your eBooks on other websites such as Amazon, eBay, Facebook, Twitter and even blogs.  In effect, the platform that you get for your website should be able to create a synergy for your multi pronged sales efforts.  This means that the platform should be compatible to all types of websites and systems listed above.

A Safe Digital Product Storage System and Automated Delivery System

EBook sellers who are experienced in the field are very much aware of the significance of protecting their products from the risks that are inherent in selling something online.  The foremost of these risks is theft of the product which can only be prevented through a file storage system that is safe and secure.  Hence, your platform provider should be able to give you the option of using its storage system which should be foolproof and safe to prevent thefts and misuse.

Similarly, eBook sellers attach a lot of importance to the instant delivery of their eBooks to their buyers and pay extra for platforms that have synergized automated digital product delivery systems.  In the practical sense, this means that when your buyer makes the payment, he gets access to the eBook instantly.

Ability to Support Multiple Payment Systems

Another very important aspect that seasoned eBook sellers pay attention to is that the platform that they install on their websites is compatible to multiple payment systems.  Payment systems here refer to PayPal, 2Checkout, Google Checkout, Trial Pay, Amazon Payment and other similar systems.  While PayPal is the most famous, the others also have a large client base.  Therefore, by having a backend system that can operate through all these payment systems, eBook sellers ensure that they can cater to all types of people who want to buy their eBooks.

PayLoadz as the One Stop Answer to All These Requirements

PayLoadz is a platform provider that caters to each and every requirement listed above.  In fact, PayLoadz provides features over and above the ones listed above.  Other critical features of PayLoadz include support for multiple currencies, a start to end affiliate system, a separate internet marketing module, product serial key and registration system and many others.  Therefore, if you wish to be like all the eBook sellers who have made a fortune through their business of selling eBooks online, then PayLoadz is a sure shot answer to your dreams.