Why Cerizmo Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

A detailed article about Why Cerizmo Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses.

Why Cerizmo Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

Cerizmo has the potential to improve sales drastically

In order to experience any level of success as a digital goods merchant, you must find the right online payment platform and gateway. Cerizmo is the solution for anyone wanting an effective and cost-efficient way to sell digital goods online. It allows for the easy upload of your products, online selling, and instant payments.

A Simple and Smooth Way to Sell

With Cerizmo, there is no limit to the digital products you can offer your customers. Whether you just have a single e-book or a ton of music files to sell, Cerizmo can help you make the most of the Internet and reach quite a few customers. Any downloadable product is fair game with the Cerizmo system. Most merchants in the Cerizmo community specialize in selling software, music, movies, videos, photography, and e-books just to name a few products.

Getting started with Cerizmo is quick and easy. After signing up for an account, all you need to do is upload your products to the Cerizmo server. No programming experience or knowledge is necessary and you don’t have to know how to run a server, either. Once your products are in the system, customers can make their purchase. You just place a “Buy Now” button on your site and in your shopping cart and you are good to go.

The Range of Services and Products for Businesses

Payment and delivery are just as easy as well. All payments are processed through your PayPal account, so there is no need to set anything extra up. Once payment is received and confirmed, downloads are delivered automatically from the Cerizmo system to your customer. It all gets sent through a secure download link.

Cerizmo has quite a few features that allow it to stand apart from other similar services. It allows for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited transactions, and an automated delivery system. You get all that without any transaction or sales fees and instant payment to your PayPal account. Cerizmo pricing ranges from a $5 starter plan to a more robust premium plan for $99 a month. They also offer a free 10-day trial with a money-back guarantee.

Management and Maintenance of the Ecommerce Solutions

Many online merchants are quite happy with Cerizmo, but you should always consider an alternative. You may find another service that has a more expansive network or offers a better solution for your digital goods or business. One of these alternatives may be PayLoadz. PayLoadz is a secure and efficient payment platform and gateway that specializes in helping digital goods merchants increase their bottom line. In addition to a plethora of information on how to sell digital goods, PayLoadz is versatile in that it allows you to sell on just about any website and accept a range of payment methods.