Why Clickbank Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

A detailed article about Why Clickbank Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses.

Why Clickbank Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

Clickbank has the potential to improve sales drastically

Clickbank is one of the oldest online retail outlets. It is associated with more than 110,000 affiliate marketers and over 70,000 digital product vendors. In fact, Clickbank has so many users that it makes a sale about every three seconds which means about 27,000 digital transactions pass through its system each day. Available in more than 200 countries around the world, Clickbank is also one of the farthest reaching online outlets.

A Simple and Smooth Way to Sell

So, what does Clickbank offer digital goods sellers? Overall, it provides a secure and reliable payment processing system for all e-commerce with low start-up costs. Additionally, Clickbank boasts its industry-leading fraud prevention tactics and plenty of customer support. Digital retailers are not required to have a merchant account and Clickbank allows you to accept both credit cards and PayPal. When it comes to e-commerce, Clickbank offers a wide expanse and plenty of versatility.

Selling digital goods through a system like Clickbank allows merchants to get quite a bit of exposure in a very little amount of time. The huge affiliate network also helps accomplish this goal. Setting up with Clickbank is actually very easy and involves only a few steps including simple sign-up, creating a pitch and thank you page, making a payment link, providing information about your business and products, testing the payment link, and getting product approval.

The Range of Services and Products for Businesses

There are fees associated with setting up and using Clickbank. There is a one-time activation charge of $49.95 that Clickbank vendors must pay at the approval of their first product. Though there are no monthly fees, there is a $2.50 pay period processing charge for every payment Clickbank pays you. Additionally, Clickbank also has transaction charges which mean that the system will keep 7.5% plus $1 of every sale

Though Clickbank is an impressive and smooth-running system, there are alternatives to it. One of the best solutions as an alternative to Clickbank is PayLoadz. PayLoadz is an online payment gateway and platform that allows digital goods vendors to sell their products quickly, safely, and easily either with or without your own website. PayLoadz offers a secure payment gateway and platform system at a fraction of the cost of the alternatives. In fact, there is no set-up fee at all!

Management and Maintenance of the Ecommerce Solutions

PayLoadz allows its members to sell their digital goods through virtually any online platform. Merchants can use it with the likes of eBay, Amazon, their own websites, forums, blogs, and even through emails. As long as the PayLoadz payment link is included, payment is quick, easy, and instant with secure download delivery. Additionally, PayLoadz offers its own PayLoadz Store so that merchants can list goods there as well.