Why E-Junkie Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

A detailed article about Why E-Junkie Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses.

Why E-Junkie Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

E-Junkie has the potential to improve sales drastically

E-Junkie is a website that provides a number of services for online sellers of digital goods. Merchants can use E-Junkie to sell downloads like mp3 tracks, albums, e-books, fonts, software, and so much more. You can also sell tangible goods like CDs, t-shirts, posters, and even more. Merchants can take advantage of the E-Junkie website shopping cart and buy now buttons.

A Simple and Smooth Way to Sell

With E-Junkie, merchants can sell their goods on their own website as well as most others including Craigslist, eBay, MySpace, and Google Base with a variety of payment methods ranging from PayPal and Google Checkout to Authorize.net and ClickBank. If you need to charge for sales tax, packaging, shipping costs, or VAT, the E-Junkie shopping cart has it all built in.

The E-Junkie service does not impose a transaction limit, bandwidth limit, or set-up fee on merchants using the system. In addition, there are no transaction fees. Using the system is very easy as E-Junkie actually provides buy now buttons you can simply copy and paste into your website as well as an interface that can seamlessly mesh with just about any website or payment processor. .

The Range of Services and Products for Businesses

Online sellers find the E-Junkie service quite rewarding in that it allows for ease-of-use and effective sales solutions. You can easily manage your products online from one location and sell them in multiple places. It is a cost-effective solution that comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. The monthly subscription fee for E-Junkie depends on the number of products you offer. The flat monthly fee starts at just $5 per month.

An alternative to E-Junkie is PayLoadz. PayLoadz is a payment gateway and platform that specializes in selling digital goods and downloads online. Because the PayLoadz service is so specialized, you know you are getting top-notch service from the best in the business. PayLoadz allows digital goods retailers to easily sell their goods on their own website, blog, or even through the PayLoadz store.

Management and Maintenance of the Ecommerce Solutions

With PayLoadz, you have a couple of options. There are two main plans available to members; PayLoadz Standard and PayLoadz Premium. The former is a free account in which you are allowed up to $50 in sales while the latter is subject to a $14.95/month subscription fee. With PayLoadz Premium, you get full access to the PayLoadz system as well as micropayment rates. If you plan on selling quite a few downloads or offering a wide variety, the Premium plan is probably your best bet. Unlike many of the alternative services out there, it is also free to sign up with PayLoadz.