Why Fetch Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

A detailed article about Why Fetch Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses.

Why Fetch Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

Fetch has the potential to improve sales drastically

Fetch is an online service that makes selling digital products quick and easy. It is a digital delivery application designed to integrate seamlessly with popular shopping carts and payment systems like Google Checkout, PayPal, FoxyCart, and Shopify. Because Fetch is actually hosted software, there is no product to install and it can be worked from any platform.

A Simple and Smooth Way to Sell

Online merchants specializing in the sale of downloadable products and digital goods like e-books, PDFs, software, music, and videos will only benefit from Fetch’s services. Fetch makes it easy and convenient to sell digital goods from just about any social network, e-commerce system, blog, or website while accepting payments from any number of payment platforms and gateways. All products are delivered via a secure download link sent through email once purchase is confirmed.

There are a lot of people that use Fetch, ranging from digital goods merchants like you to more famous participants like David Blaine and A Book Apart. Fetch has such a large community of members because it makes selling any type of downloadable product simple. It has been around since 2007 and shows no signs of slowing down or stopping.

The Range of Services and Products for Businesses

The primary focus of Fetch is secure storage and automated delivery of your digital goods. The system allows you to select how and where payments are collected with the Fetch API. Delivery is secure and automatic. Creating an account is simple and fast, allowing you to connect with different payment processors immediately.

In general, Fetch is an affordable solution for selling digital goods with pricing and plans ranging from just $5 per month to $500 per month. It all comes down to how many products you have available to sell through the system. Creating more and more products isn’t a problem because Fetch allows members to upgrade to any plan of your choosing at any time. There are no commissions on sales, just the monthly fee you agree to.

Management and Maintenance of the Ecommerce Solutions

If you want an alternative to Fetch, there are plenty out there. One of the most versatile and cost-efficient alternatives is PayLoadz. PayLoadz allows for the secure storage and instant delivery of your digital goods through their various member plans. On top of that, there is an extensive affiliate program that allows for others to market and sell your products getting your name out there even quicker. To top it off, PayLoadz also offers the PayLoadz Store for digital merchants that want another storefront for their goods.