Why RegNow Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

A detailed article about Why RegNow Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses.

Why RegNow Is Ideal For Small Digital Product Businesses

RegNow has the potential to improve sales drastically

Numerous people from all over the world are creating eBooks, music files and even videos to sell to their clients for a certain amount of money. The result of this trend is that the markets for virtually all types of digital products have become extremely competitive. In this environment, it can be quite difficult for a small digital product business or a digital product startup to compete with businesses that have already established themselves. What such businesses need is an edge. The perfect edge for such businesses is to get customized ecommerce solutions from a reliable service provider like RegNow.

A Simple and Smooth Way to Sell

The whole process of using RegNow services to sell your product is extremely simple. In a nutshell, all you have to do is upload your digital product, customize and configure your digital store and lie back while your sales increase significantly. Despite what you may be thinking, if you have a digital product ready then you can do the whole process described above in a matter of hours if not minutes. The reason why it is simple is the way RegNow approaches the idea of providing ecommerce solutions to its clients.

When you go to RegNow com and start the ecommerce solution acquisition process, you will immediately note that the whole thing is modeled after the do it yourself concept. You would see different click through RegNow contracts that would be written in simple words, a list of key features that you can include or exclude from your customized package and varied set up options from which you can choose the ideal one for your business or digital product.

The Range of Services and Products for Businesses

As the whole ecommerce solution system of RegNow is based around customization, it ends up providing a wide range of services, products and RegNow downloads to its clientele. One of the key features of RegNow downloads is that it can deal with different currencies simultaneously. The payment systems at Reg Now also give users the ability to undertake publisher to publisher transfers which is ideal if you are looking to create a new digital product and need research material for it.

Moreover, there is also the benefit of a flexible product registration and delivery combined with round the clock fraud prevention services. Like most ecommerce solutions providers, RegNow also provides a subscription billing service wherein you can charge your customers at regular intervals.

Management and Maintenance of the Ecommerce Solutions

Oftentimes, the problems that digital products publishers face is that, once they have the system for storage, payment and delivery set, it slowly becomes stale and extremely hard to modify, improve or change. This lack of management control on the part of the businessman is something that RegNow deals with very smoothly by providing a highly convenient administrative tool that allows him to make real time changes in a matter of minutes if not seconds.

Moreover, the flexibility of the administrative aspect of the ecommerce solutions does not stop here with RegNow, because these solutions also provide the user with an option to set up role based or access based multiple users for the virtual store. The logical thing to think here would be that such detailed administrative features must cost a mini fortune. However, this is not the case because the costing of RegNow ecommerce solutions is very economical and particularly directed at small to medium scale business owners and even tentative startups.

Fully Optimized Shopping Cart Consisting Of Various Order Features

The majority of shopping carts that are provided with ecommerce solutions in the digital products industry are quite simple in nature with minimal frills. This limits the extent to which the business can play with orders. For example, critical aspects such as order activity monitoring, issuance of refunds and management of customer relationships are all usually nonexistent in the common ecommerce solutions and have to be handled manually.

In contrast to the majority of ecommerce solutions in the market, RegNow’s services and products have been designed to include all of these features along with many others. A very important and useful feature with respect to orders that RegNow provides to its clients is that of the abandoned orders function. The abandon order function allows business owners to capture orders that have been abandoned or left incomplete by potential buyers. This facility combined with mobile order forms for smart phones shows a drastic improvement in the final turnover and profits of the business owner.

A Coupon or Offer Tracking System for Marketing Boosts

If you already have experience in handling digital products then you most likely know the kind of difference a well timed and well targeted marketing effort can make to the overall sales figures of your business. In the digital products industry, this marketing effort is a series of discount coupons or discount offers which is why the coupon or offer management system of RegNow needs to be considered very seriously.

RegNow offers a special coupon or offer management system that makes it very easy for a business entrepreneur or online publisher to keep track of coupons and virtually any other discount offer or package deal currently alive. Moreover, this tracking system is customizable which means that it can be modified to include any deal or offer, regardless of how complex or multi faceted it is.

Particularly Ideal for Online Publishers Targeting Transnational Audiences

Most online entrepreneurs would agree that the true worth of a digital product can only be felt when the target audience is expanded to include people from other regions and countries because this ropes in lucrative markets which would otherwise be beyond the reach of the business. If your digital product business is not localized and is actually targeting an international audience then the international services offered by RegNow could be crucial for you.

The foreign currency support inherent in the RegNow ecommerce services can only be described as extensive. However, this multiple currency compatibility truly comes to the fore when it is combined with the fact that RegNow’s ecommerce services can be displayed in 15 separate languages. In fact, the RegNow system is custom made for transnational audiences as it offers benefits such as localized page content i.e. content on the basis of the visitor’s browser details, floating pricing mechanisms which take into account differences in currencies and even solid VAT management protocols that incorporate multiple international laws.

RegNow as a Comprehensive Ecommerce Service Provider

RegNow has the potential to induce a drastic improvement in any digital product business’s sales figures by improving its operational flow and synergy. In simplest of words, RegNow is a comprehensive ecommerce services provider that takes into account almost every contingency that a digital products business can ever face.