How does PayLoadz work with PayPal? is a user-friendly, full-featured eCommerce download solution that’s pre-integrated with PayPal.

PayLoadz offers all the tools you need to sell and deliver downloadable products.

PayPal with PayLoadz Features:

  • Reliable Download Delivery and Shopping Cart System
  • 5 minute setup. Easy copy-n-paste installation.
  • Multiple currency, language, and tax support
  • Easy online administration

Begin accepting PayPal payments for Downloadable Digital Goods.

PayPal Downloads

Set up a PayPal Business or Premier account. Only Business or Premier account holders can receive PayPal payments using PayLoadz.

Sign up now for a new
PayPal account
PayLoadz Downloads

Register for a free PayLoadz account and Simply copy and paste your PayPal email address into your PayLoadz Profile to enable PayPal payments in your PayLoadz account.

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PayLoadz account
Setup a Download

After you enabled PayPal payments in your accounts in Step #2 above, your PayLoadz purchase buttons found in your PayLoadz selling account will automatically prompt your customers to use the PayPal payment platform and provide download delivery of your items.

Open your online downloads store for business. You’re ready to process customer paid downloads and receive money into your PayPal account. It's that easy!