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Sell your ebooks Online

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Heard of Riding The Bullets?

Stephen King’s chilling story of a man who hitched a ride from an apparition…No. Then You are Missing out out on the highest publishing revolution the ebook.

Imagine this!

King ignored the clichéd method of printing and distributed the book exclusively in ebook form. The results were astonishing! In the first 24 hours of availability, 400,000, copies of the book were downloaded.

Yes, 400,000 copies. Think of how much cash jingled in King’s coffers in barely 24 hours. Think of this – if there were no ebooks, it would have taken King umpteen months and countless hassles to sell the same amount in the traditional publishing process.

So, think like King, think of the ebook. Sell your book online. Sell your audio books online.

If you think, this ebook business is a fad for the few, think again. In 2003, the ebook market in the US was worth $ 2.3 billion. That was four years ago – much has happened since then and the market is larger than ever, so is the potential!

So, what are you waiting for

If you have written a book and all that came your way was rejection slips from the publisher, don’t fret. Join the bandwagon.

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Show the world you can write. Remember, you won’t be lonely there in cyberspace. Hundreds of writers have added reams of pages on the Web, hundreds of thousands of ebooks are jostling for space there. And believe me, they are all minting money and garnering truckloads of fame.

Don't know much about how to go about it?

If you have a word processing program on your computer like Microsoft Word, then you can sell your item directly as a Word document. No expensive software or conversion is needed.

Payloadz Advantages

  • Compared to traditional publishing, the cost is low, really low. If you want the book in colour, you don’t spend an extra penny than what you would for black and white.
  • They are easily downloadable, you can fit 500 ebooks on a CD.
  • The books can be easily searched on common search engines and can be viewed on usual browsers. No specific equipment, no extra cost.
  • Ebooks never go out of print...
  • And yes, the market. According to Open eBook Forum (OeBF)

Aren't these reasons enough? The same holds true for audio books. Get a man with a guttural voice and get an audio book ready.

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